Newly-engaged Ciara is so determined to have the perfect wedding when she marries hip-hop producer Future, she fears she will have to become "part bridezilla" in order to organise her dream ceremony.

The Goodies hitmaker accepted a proposal from the rapper last month (Oct13), and plans for their big day are already underway.

The couple is planning a huge two-part celebration, which includes the actual ceremony and another party for those unable to attend the initial nuptials, and Ciara wants both events to be absolutely perfect.

She tells People magazine, "I think I'll be part bridezilla, I'm not going to lie. But I want to be a happy one! I still want it to be a fun process, but I want the dress to be perfect, I want the cake to be perfect, I want the food to be perfect."

Ciara admits she might lose her temper when planning the nuptials, but she is still letting her husband-to-be have a say in the preparation.

She admits, "He gets to have his say and then he lets me go off and do my thing. I know he's going to want the fun part to be right. We're both looking forward to it."