Cindy Crawford is ''raunchier'' in the dressing room.

The 49-year-old supermodel admitted when she is backstage having her hair and make-up done she's more likely to reveal her biggest secrets or pour her heart out because afterwards she can walk out and feel ''invincible''.

She said: ''I know I have a dressing room personality that is slightly funnier and raunchier than I might have at a dinner party. In fact, it's practically mandatory! In order to keep up with the humour with some of the biggest personalities I've ever met, I have to bring my A game.

''But the make-up room is also the place where I could talk about the fight I had with my boyfriend or about feeling homesick. There, tears are dried, and friendships are cemented, so that by the time I step onto the set, I feel invincible.''

Meanwhile, the American beauty shared how back in her early modelling days she attended to her own hair and had to carry a bag of essential items.

She told ''During my Chicago modelling days, in addition to doing our own hair and make-up, we also had to bring a bag of accessories to shoots. Black pumps, nude and black stockings, and earrings.

''This was modelling 101. Most mornings I'd set my hair in hot curlers, pack my 'model bag,' and walk two blocks to Skrebneski Studio.''