Cindy Crawford's daughter impacted her beauty routine.

The 55-year-old supermodel - who has Kaia, 19, and Presley, 21, with her husband Rande Gerber - changed her outlook on beauty after watching her daughter experiment with her look.

She told People: "What I love about Kaia and that whole generation is they are much more willing to experiment. She's not afraid to be like, 'I'm going to cut my hair. I'm going to dye it pink. I'm going to put in super-long extensions'. And it reminds me that this whole beauty industry, it should not be another thing that makes women feel 'less than'."

Now, Crawford experiments with different looks to help her feel empowered and boost her confidence.

She continued: "The whole point of it is to empower us. It's the tool that gives us confidence. Like if you want to try a smokey eye one night or a dark eye or a liquid liner - I mean, I'm terrible at that so I wouldn't try that myself - but [beauty is] supposed to be fun."

What's more, Crawford - who launched Meaningful Beauty in 2005 - hopes that her beauty line is helping other women to feel empowered

She added: "If we're lucky we get to age. That is a privilege. But it's also very daunting for women [to think], 'Okay, what's going to happen?'

"With skin care, my approach has been 'age-maintenance'. Gravity's still out there and things are going to happen, but let me take as good care of my skin as I can. And I just want women to know that it's okay, with the skin care and now with the hair care, to give yourself this little gift [of self-care] for five minutes in the morning or five minutes in the evening."