Cindy Crawford regrets having her eyebrows bleached. 

The 54-year-old supermodel has confessed that one of her biggest beauty fails was letting make-up artist to the stars, Kevyn Aucoin - who has worked his magic on the likes of Cher, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Naomi Campbell - dye her brows.The stunning brunette said: "Of course I have beauty regrets, but usually they were more about fashion — like a side ponytail. But my biggest was probably letting the make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin bleach my eyebrows. I never realised before how much your eyebrows really frame your face!"Meanwhile, the 'Fair Game' star insisted that the biggest skincare tip she's ever received is to maintain the same weight, because fluctuating isn't "great for the elasticity in your skin".She added to The Sunday Times newspaper: "I did learn a lot from the incredible make-up artists I have worked with over the years. The most important thing I learnt, though, is that there really are no tricks: it’s doing the stuff we all know is good for us — stay hydrated, get enough sleep, avoid smoking, take off your make-up properly and use good products especially directly on your skin, for example face creams and foundations. One thing that [the cosmetic doctor] Dr Sebagh taught me was to try to pick a weight and stay there. Weight fluctuations aren’t great for the elasticity in your skin. So make sure the weight isn’t your skinniest!"