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Cindy Williams Almost Gave Up Hollywood Career To Become A Waitress

The bubbly star was a struggling comedy writer with no money when she decided to take a job in Eugene, Oregon and save up before moving back to Hollywood, but just before she...

Cindy Williams: 'Little Richard's Blessing Is Responsible For Laverne & Shirley's Success'

The two pals were making their way to Minnelli's dressing room after a show at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles when the rock 'n' roller, who was opening for the diva, insisted...

Ed Begley, Jr's Electric Car Cost Him A Second Date With Cindy Williams

The beloved U.S. TV star has been at the forefront of alternative power for decades and purchased his first electric car in 1970, but while his carbon footprint is tiny, his eco-warrior ways...

Cindy Williams Opens Up About Real Reason For Laverne & Shirley Exit

The 67 year old, who played Shirley Feeney opposite Penny Marshall as Laverne De Fazio, stunned fans in 1982 when she walked away from the Happy Days spin-off after the second episode of...

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