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'Homeland' Gets Season Six Broadcast Date

Claire Danes

‘Homeland’ fans have at last got a confirmed return date for the national security drama’s sixth series.

David Nevins, president of the Showtime network, revealed during a panel at the TCA Summer press tour that the counter-terrorism series will be coming back on Sunday January 15th, 2017, with production beginning in New York City in just a few weeks’ time.

Having spent the last two seasons abroad, in Pakistan and Germany respectively, the sixth iteration of ‘Homeland’ will see the cast return to the States, with the series set during the period between the presidential election and the inauguration. Production was delayed in order so that the series could reflect what is happening in the real 2016 presidential election as closely as possible.

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'Homeland' Commissioned For Two More Seasons; But Season 6 Won't Air Until January 2017

Claire Danes

Some good news and some bad news for ‘Homeland’ fans today: the national security thriller has been given the green light for a further two seasons on top of the forthcoming sixth season; but it won’t return to TV screens until January next year.

It means that there won’t be any new episodes of the popular programme in 2016 at all and that the winter months will be missing one of its annual traditions, with Showtime pushing back the premiere of season six until January 2017. All of the previous five seasons had begun in early October.

Homeland'Homeland' has been commissioned for a seventh and eighth season

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#HomelandFinale Sees More Death And Misery For Claire Danes' Carrie [SPOILERS]

Claire Danes

It's that time of year again, where all TV dramas end their latest season with a shocking finale. Although in the case of 'Homeland', we are left deeply unsurprised by the chaos and misery left behind in season four.

Claire Danes at the 2014 Emmys
Claire Danes returns for season 5 next year

It seems Carrie Mathison is destined for a life of death and destruction, suffering from bipolar disorder and being forced to watch her friend Nicholas Brody die during a horrific assassination back in season three. Now this season saw her uncover the truth surrounding her parents' separation as her father tragically passes away.

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Broadway Alumna Victoria Clark Joins Homeland, But Who Will She Play?

Claire Danes

Ok. Ok. Guys. Calm down. Guys. Calm down. Guys. It’s no big deal. Just a major plot point for the next season of Homeland that’s been revealed this week.  Well, a major casting point, anyway. So the latest actress to join the Homeland cast is Broadway heavyweight Victoria Clark. The Sister Act and Cinderella alumna is set to play a VERY BIG ROLE THAT WE ARE ABOUT TO REVEAL IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH. This has been your spoiler warning.

Seriously. If you don’t want to know this in advance, click away... now.

Clark will play …

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Homeland Is Back - But Is It Better?

Claire Danes

Season 4 of Homeland is back and needs a bit of a pick me up after a previously disappointing dip in Season 3. What started out as a must-watch show that had everybody talking, including, apparently, President Obama, limped into a third season that put a lot of fans off with Slate critic commenting that she didn’t care to watch Homeland again because she had "lost faith in its ability to be coherent".

Claire Danes
Claire Danes has won two Emmy's for Best Actress for her role in Homeland

The criticism, and the show’s exclusion from Best Drama category at the most recent Emmys, was a far cry from its Emmy win during its first year.

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What We Know From Homeland's Season 4 Trailer

Claire Danes

New episodes of 'Homeland' are just around the corner! With season four of the hit CIA Showtime thriller premiering on October 5, more details regarding the cast and plot points are coming out each day. However, last week brought fans the most exciting thing they could wish for: a season four teaser trailer.

Homeland CarrieHomeland's upcoming season four will premiere on October 5

It may only be a minute long, but it's as heart racing as Homeland always is. The trailer cuts to various scenes from the upcoming season, including Claire Danes reprising her role as Carrie Mathison in her new position as station chief of CIA. You see her stationed in Pakistan on the frontlines of war, and you've also got a familar shot of her downing some prescription meds with wine. Some things never change. Most notably? Carrie is seen sitting on her bed beside a picture of her and her newborn baby. Last we saw at the end of 'Homeland's season three, Carrie was eight months pregnant when her father offered to take care of the child as she worked overseas. Sadly, the actor who played her father, James Rebhorn, passed away last March from melanoma. The show plans to honor the actor but hasn't said how yet.

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'Homeland' Season 4 Trailer Shows Carrie Back In The Field But Is The Series Out Of The Woods?

Claire Danes Rupert Friend Mandy Patinkin

Homeland, when it was first on our screen in 2011, became an instant hit. But after its third season, the reviews were becoming more mixed and less reliably in favour of the Showtime series. The nominations and awards followed suit and this year Homeland wasn't even nominated for Outstanding Drama Series at the Primetime Emmys.

Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes, Rupert Friend and Damian Lewis star/starred in Homeland.

Read More: All You Need To Know About The Newest Additions To Homeland.

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Video - Claire Danes Dazzled In Fuchsia At Variety's Power Of Women Luncheon - Part 4

'Homeland' star Claire Danes looked glamorous in fuchsia as she was photographed on the red carpet at Variety magazine's Power Of Women Luncheon in New York. The actress was being honoured at the event for her work with Afghan women. She worked alongside make-up artist Matin Maulawizada for his charity Afghan Hands which aims to help impoverished women in their creativity.

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Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods', 'Anansi Boys' Headed For TV: You Don't Want To Miss This

Neil Gaiman Claire Danes Joseph Gordon-Levitt Michelle Pfeiffer

Neil Gaiman's award-winning novel American Gods is going to be adapted for the small screen by FremantleMedia after cable company HBO dropped the series last November. The adaptation of Gaiman's fourth prose novel was in limbo for some time but it now looks like American Gods will hit the small screen after all, along with another of his novels, Anansi Boys.

Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman Will See Two More Of His Books Taken To The Screen.

 FremantleMedia, the company behind reality shows such as American Idol, announced the exciting news today: "Gaiman, the creator of the celebrated Sandman comic series, and the author of bestselling novels The Graveyard Book, Coraline and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, will executive produce the series along with FremantleMedia," via The Guardian.

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Ok, So Where Does 'Homeland' Go From THAT Death?

Damian Lewis Claire Danes

Homeland season three came to a dramatic conclusion on Sunday evening (December 22, 2013) with a shocking death that even the most hardened of fans didn't anticipate. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Damien Lewis HomelandCarrie [L] and Brody [R] In The Season 3 Finale of 'Homeland'

So, after months on the run after being blamed for the Langley bombing, Nicholas Brody was killed off in the 90-minute series finale.

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Homeland Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: The Penny Drops

Claire Danes Mandy Patinkin Damian Lewis

The fourth episode of hit CIA drama, Homeland, aired last night in the UK and showed many fans that the series still had the intelligence and ability to surprise us. The season so far has been criticised for being boring, annoying and displaying none of the plotline flair that brought the show to Emmy-winning prominence but Game On let the real Homeland wink from behind a mask.

Is It All Coming Together Now?

The explosive end of the second season left us with burning questions that we wanted immediately answered but the third season has shown us we're just going to have to be patient, as other characters, such as Brody's daughter Jess, are padded out.

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'Homeland' & 'Masters Of Sex' Picked Up For New Seasons By Showtime

Damian Lewis Claire Danes Michael Sheen Lizzy Caplan

Showtime has renewed two of it's most popular shows, Homeland and Masters of Sex, for additional seasons past their current run. The network announced their plans to continue each series by at least one more season by a public statement, released via Entertainment Weekly, on Tuesday, 22 October.

The cast of Homeland won't be going anywhere soon

David Nevins, President of entertainment on Showtime, said in the statement, “Homeland continues to prove its strength for Showtime, and is one of television’s most exciting, provocative and widely-discussed shows. It has grown its audience significantly in each of its three seasons. The critical and audience reaction to Masters of Sex since its great launch has been incredibly gratifying. It’s a privilege to get to work with such talented and creative people as Alex Gansa and Michelle Ashford, as well as their tremendous casts. They have each created truly original shows, with distinctive voices that are among the most admired series on television.”

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Homeland Season 3 Episode 3: Brody's On Heroin, In A Slum

Claire Danes

As Homeland season 3 moved into its third episode Tower of David this week, we learned that Carrie and Nicholas are enduring similar ordeals almost 6,000 miles apart. The suspected terrorist is in a Venezuelan slum while Carrie is holed up in a Washington area hospital. 

HomelandHomeland Aired Season 3 Epsiode 3 On Sunday

Both are on drugs too - Brody on heroin to keep him docile and Carrie on Ritalin to control her bipolar disorder. Somewhat ambitiously, episode 3 is Brody's first appearance in the latest season and for a moment it looked as though it could very well be his last. He's in a bad way - near death in fact after being ambushed in Colombia and shot twice in the stomach. 

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Homeland Season 3 UK Air Date Confirmed, "There Are A Lot Of Surprises"

Claire Danes Damian Lewis Morena Baccarin

Though Homeland's third season will make its debut on American TV screens this Sunday, the UK will have to wait for the hit political drama until the 6th October, as Channel 4 confirms its Sunday night premiere.

Expect A Much Darker Return To The CIA Drama.

The show, starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, has gained a sizeable following after its electric two seasons. The second season finale ended on an explosive note and as the end credits rolled we shook our screen with fury wondering how we could possibly wait another year to find out Brody's fate as well as how Carrie and Saul are coping picking up the pieces of a devastated CIA.

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Homeland Set For Explosive Season Three: But Where's Brody?

Damian Lewis Claire Danes

We last saw Homeland's Brody fleeing to Canada with the help of agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) after the attack on the CIA's headquarters in Virginia. All the evidence points towards him -the bomb parts in his car, the Al Queda suicide video - but is there more to this than meets the eye?

Claire Danes Damian LewisClaire Danes and Damian Lewis Are Back For Homeland Season 3

Fans of Homeland won't actually get their next glimpse of Brody until episode three of the new season, which picks up two months after the bombs and sees the Senate Intelligence Committee understandably wanting heads to roll at the CIA for its inability to prevent the tragedy. 

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Claire Danes Lifts Best Actress Emmy For Second Time Ahead Of 'Homeland' Return

Claire Danes Hugh Dancy Damian Lewis

Claire Danes has to find some new room on her crowded mantelpiece after Sunday's Emmy Awards where she pulled off the remarkable achievement of winning two consecutive Emmy awards for the evening's most coveted female gong: the best actress in a drama series.

Claire Danes Hugh Dancy
Claire Poses With Her Husband, Actor Hugh Dancy.

The Homeland actress won the same award at last year's TV industry awards ceremony but this year she'll have to make sure she doesn't leave the shiny, spiky trophy in reach of little hands. Since last year's Emmys, Danes and her husband, actor Hugh Dancy, have become parents to a little boy. Now 9 months-old, Cyrus' curious little fingers might guide him towards any shiny object.

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65th Primetime Emmys Attracts Record Audience But Fails To Impress Critics

Neil Patrick Harris Claire Danes

The 65th Emmy Awards attracted a record number of viewers; according to the Nielsen Company the televised ceremony attracted 17.6 million viewers. The figure marks around a 33% increase from last year's show according to Reuters, but while the figures were good, the overall reception of the awards show was less than impressive.

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris presented the awards ceremony.

The ceremony was broadcast live from the Nokia Centre in L.A. on Sunday, 22 September. Last year the ceremony aired on Disney's ABC, but CBS broadcast the awards this year. Comic actor Neil Patrick Harris presented the Emmys for the second year and the star, in addition to presenting, the How I Met Your Mother star performed a song and dance number. Other performances included a dance inspired by American Horror Story, which featured dancers in black latex one-sies; a Game of Thrones themed dance and a Breaking Bad style performance complete with gas masks.

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Emmys 2013 Round-Up: Clare Danes & Jeff Daniels Crowned King & Queen [Pictures]

Jeff Daniels Claire Danes Neil Patrick Harris Bryan Cranston Julia Louis-Dreyfus Armando Iannucci Aaron Paul

Last night's Emmy Awards rounded off one of the most addictive and successful years in television for quite some time. Whether you've hooked on Homeland, mad about Mad Men, devoted to Downton Abbey or hyped about House of Cards, the annual TV industry awards dished out some dazzlingly deserved gongs.

Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels' Unexpected Best Drama Actor Win Was One Of The Evening's Highlights.

How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris acted as this year's compère and although his show wasn't nominated for the best 'Comedy Series,' Neil kept the jokes coming, making fun of how deceptively unpredictable some of this year's awards were.

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"Homeland," "My Mad Fat Teenage Diary" Nominated For Mind Media Awards For Representation Of Mental Health Issues

Olivia Colman Claire Danes

The hugely successful Homeland has been nominated for yet another award, with a rather specific focus this time – the show is on the list of nominees for the 2013 Mind Media Awards. The awards, sponsored by Virgin Money Giving, focus on representations of mental disorders in media, with Homeland, which centers around a secret agent struggling with bipolar disorder, and the Channel 4 show My Mad Fat Teenage Diary both having been nominated in the drama category.

Claire Danes, Times 100 Gala
Danes' character in Homeland has attracted the attention of Mind.

Elsewhere, other Channel 4 productions have also snapped up nominations, including Ruby Wax’s Mad Confessions and Jon Richardson’s A Little Bit OCD in the Documentary category, as well as Channel 4’s Mental Health Series receiving a nod for The Ian Wilkinson News and Current Affairs Award.

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Homeland Season 3 Episode Leaked And Goes Viral

Damian Lewis Claire Danes

The first episode of the US hit series Homeland has been leaked online nearly a month before its planned release date. More than 100,000 fans have pirated the episode within the first few hours of it being uploaded according to TorrentFreak.

The premiere of the new series was expected to be released on 28th September, but the leak could cause a huge number of pirated downloads as the first episode was accessed four weeks in advance. The copy is referred to as 'workprint', which isn't the final product, meaning key elements are not included in the leak such as visual effects as well as the opening credits are missing.

A major concern with a 'workprint' leak is that it must have stemmed from a member of the post production team due to the confidentiality of upcoming series being very secure. An anti-piracy unit of 20th Century Fox who produce 'Homeland' are dealing with the situation. 

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Homeland Season 3 Preview: "Constantly Surprising & Astonishing"

Claire Danes Damian Lewis

As political drama Homeland drew to the close of its second season, there was no official word on whether a third season was on the way but 11 Emmy nominations have certainly bolstered the faith of network Showtime. 

Claire Danes
Claire Danes Doesn't Have An Easy Ride In S3.

During a press tour session with Homeland producers Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, as well as lead cast members Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, critics were shown the first two episodes of the third series of episodes of the fraught, tension-filled drama and sat with producers in a strangely unguarded Q&A session - to the point where one reporter had to ask whether one of the answers should be treated like a spoiler or not. Alan Sepinwall of Hit Fix enjoyed the episodes he was privy to, praising the handling of the aftermath of the season two final scenes.

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Primetime Emmy Awards 2013: How Accurate Were Nomination Predictions?

Emmy Awards Sofia Vergara Kevin Spacey Toby Jones Neil Patrick Harris Maggie Smith Helen Mirren Netflix Paul Aaron Kate Mara Adam Driver Ed O'Neill Bobby Cannavale Mandy Patinkin Jim Carter Al Pacino Peter Dinklage Michael Douglas Matt Damon Anna Gunn Alec Baldwin Matt Le Blanc Jason Bateman Bill Hader Tony Hale Julie Bowen Kerry Washington Claire Danes Connie Britton Jon Hamm Damian Lewis Jeff Daniels Emilia Clarke Christina Hendricks Benedict Cumberbatch Laura Linney Jessica Lange Game Of Thrones

The Primetime Emmy Award nominations were announced yesterday (Thursday 18th July). The nomination ceremony was presented by Kate Mara and Aaron Paul via a live video stream on the Emmy's website. 

Kate Mara
Kate Mara at the Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture's Celebration of 2013 in L.A.

Netflix has managed to triumph with nominations for their shows: House of Cards; Hemlock Grove and Arrested Development. The company are developing this aspect of their business, which is proving hugely popular and profitable. The future does seem bright for the company which announced it was expanding into its 64th country. It also seems likely their awards over the next few years will increase especially with recent praise of Orange is the New Black

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Primetime Emmy Award Nominations: Will Netflix Triumph With 'Arrested Development'?

Aaron Paul Lena Dunham Tina Fey Game Of Thrones Arrested Development Kate Mara Claire Danes Hugh Dancy Bobby Cannavale Noah Emmerich David Morrissey Matthew Rhys Vera Farmiga Adam Driver Neil Patrick Harris Jessica Walter Jon Cryer Charlie Sheen Jason Bateman Sofia Vergara

The Primetime Emmy Award nominations will be announced on Thursday (18th July). Speculation surrounding the awards is high, with Netflix's Arrested Development predicted to triumph. The awards will be announced by Kate Mara and Aaron Paul.

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul will announce the nominations on Thursday.

Game Of Thrones is also suspected as a strong contender in the category of Best Drama Series. Homeland who won a number of awards last year is predicted to flop owing to its disappointing second series.

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Claire Danes Considered Becoming Interior Designer Before 'Homeland'

Claire Danes Naomi Watts Clint Eastwood Leonardo Dicaprio

Claire Danes was so disillusioned with the television and film industry before landing her award-winning role on the Showtime series Homeland that she considered becoming an interior designer. Danes' star appeared on the rise after her Golden Globe winning performance in HBO's 2012 move Temple Grandin, though what followed was a gruelling two year stretch without a job.

"It was confusing. I got a lot of plaudits, and it didn't translate into more work. I was really, really struggling during that time," Danes tells the latest issue of Vogue. "And a point came where I thought, 'I really like interior design.' Someone suggested, 'Maybe your real success is in your personal life.'"

Then a strange thing happened. Danes was offered the role of a driven CIA officer battling her own psychological demons on an intriguing new show named Homeland. The actress mulled over the offer. Producers were essentially building the show around the Romeo + Juliet actress - given she was the very first to be cast - though Danes was considering a role as J. Edgar Hoover's secretary in Clint Eastwood's movie J. Edgar, starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

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SAG Awards: Tina Fey And Alec Baldwin Keep 30 Rock's Star Shining; Dick Van Dyke Takes Lifetime Honor (Pictures)

Tina Fey Alec Baldwin Bryan Cranston Julianne Moore Sofia Vergara Dick Van Dyke Claire Danes

Downton Abbey wins at the SAG 2013 Awards

The Downton Abbey cast took Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series

30 Rock probably just about took the spoils in the TV categories of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, with both Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin taking gongs for their respective performances in the comedy; Downton Abbey took a major award in scooping Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, and there was also a Lifetime Achievement Honor for Diagnosis Murder man Dick Van Dyke.

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What We Learnt At The Golden Globes: Damian Lewis Was Very, Very, Drunk

Damian Lewis Claire Danes

After winning the coveted Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Drama, British star Damian Lewis well and truly let his hair down. The 41-year-old reportedly gave a step-perfect rendition of the Gangnam Style dance with his on-screen son, the actor Jackson Pace, before getting very, very drunk.

The Homeland stars wowed onlookers with the impromptu performance (though we reckon they had the whole thing planned). Unsurprisingly, the world's media were keen to chat with Lewis, given his big win at the Globes. He beat the likes of Bryan Cranston, Jeff Daniels, Jon Hamm and Steve Buscemi in the night's closest-to-call category by far and made sure he got through plenty of the free champagne on offer. Lewis apparently had to turn down an interview with E! reporter Marc Malkin because of the sheer amount of alcohol he'd consumed! Marc Malkin tweeted: "Damien Lewis no interviews because "I'm too drunk to talk!" Love honesty!" (sic)"

It was an all-round great night for Homeland, which scooped Best TV Drama as well as Best Actress for Claire Danes. The series - based on an Israeli series called Hatufim - wrapped up its second season in December. It follows a psychologically troubled CIA agent who believes that a U.S. Marine - played by Lewis - has been turned by Al Qaeda after eight years in captivity.

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Enigmatic Maggie Smith Stays Away From The Golden Globes (Still Wins)

Maggie Smith Damian Lewis Claire Danes Lena Dunham

British screen icon Dame Maggie Smith did not attend the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills on Sunday (January 13, 2013) though fended off stiff competition to win Best Supporting Actress in a TV drama. Dame Maggie built on her 2012 Emmy Awards win by taking the prize for her critically acclaimed portrayal of Violet, the Dowager Countless in ITV's much-loved Downton Abbey. She was also nominated for Best Actress in the film category for the well-received Quartet.

Smith did not attend the Emmy Awards last year and is rarely spotted at awards' ceremonies despite her prestigious career. However, she did collect the Stratford Shakespeare Festival's Legacy Award from actor Christopher Plummer at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel back in September. At the Globes, Smith lost out to Jennifer Lawrence in the Best Actress (Comedy or Musical) category, though beat the likes of Hayden Panettiere and Sofia Vergara to the Best Supporting Actress gong for Downton Abbey. 

It was a rather successful night for British stars, with Damian Lewis taking the Best Actor in a Television Drama award for Homeland. He beat Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Boardwalk Empire's Steve Buscemi, The Newsroom's Jeff Daniels and Mad Men's Jon Hamm in one of the evening's toughest-to-call categories. "I'd like to dedicate this to my mum, looking down on me bursting with pride telling everyone around her how well her son is doing in acting," Lewis said in his acceptance speech. It was a strong night for Homeland, which took Best Drama Series and saw its lead star Claire Danes win Best Actress.

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Claire Danes Become Latest Celeb To Opt For Unusual Baby Name

Claire Danes Hugh Dancy

Congratulations to Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy who have finally brought their first born into the world: a son who they have unusually named Cyrus.

The 'Romeo and Juliet' star gave birth on Monday (December 17th 2012) just days before Christmas and certainly makes for a wonderful present although child care may compromise her attendance at the Golden Globe awards on January 13th 2013. The pair had previously expressed their excitement to People magazine. 'There's no way of anticipating what that's going to mean for us but we are very excited', they said. 'We are going to love this person.' Claire has also insisted that this festive season was the most perfect time to give birth and 'getting to know' their new baby which they have since named Cyrus Michael Christopher Danes. huh?

Okay, so it's not that unusual that a high profile Hollywood couple have named their child something odd. Not that it matters - the main schools in these celebrity circuits must be so full of bizarrely named kids that there's no danger of being teased for it. Cyrus isn't really that strange then considering this fact, although one can't help but wonder if Danes is secretly a massive fan of Miley.

Homeland's Claire Danes And Husband Hugh Dancy Welcome Baby Boy

Claire Danes Hugh Dancy

Claire Danes has had an incredible 2012 with Homeland being an enormous success, subsequently being nominated for a Golden Globe for her leading role in Homeland, and now it's been revealed that she has given birth to her first child, a baby boy with husband Hugh Dancy.

She's kept pretty quiet since revealing the pregnancy back in July, and the couple were seen just last week having lunch together in New York, reports USA Today, but again managing to keep their business quiet Claire gave birth on Monday. According to Dancy's rep. the baby's name is Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, perhaps the single most normal celebrity baby name we've ever come across. 

Danes and Dancy have been married since 2009, both actors have had a very busy year, while Claire has been busy playing CIA agent, 'Carrie Matheson', Dancy has been appearing in a Hannibal television series in which he stars as a criminal profiler, attempting to hunt down serial killers. They'll be spending the Christmas break "getting to know [their] new Dancy", they told People- little Cyrus is probably the best gift they'll receive this year, or probably of all time.   

Hillary Scott From Lady Antebellum Makes The Latest Knocked Up Celebrities List

Lady Antebellum Hillary Scott Charles Kelley Dave Haywood Jennifer Nettles Kate Middleton Prince William Fearne Cotton David Walliams Lara Stone Peaches Geldof Rochelle Wiseman Marvin Humes Claire Danes

The list of pregnant celebrities just keeps getting longer and longer this year with Lady Antebellum member Hillary Scott becoming the latest to be bearing a sprog, with husband Chris Tyrrell.

The country singer, 26, who married her band's new drummer in January this year, confirmed the happy news on Twitter to her fans. 'Chris & I are excited to announce that our Christmas gift has arrived a little early this year! We are having a BABY! We feel so blessed!!!' she wrote. It comes just in time as the trio, Hillary, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, have recently finished their huge world tour following their second album 'Own the Night's release and the news comes only days after another country singer, Jennifer Nettles, welcomed her baby boy into the world on December 6th 2012.

It's been a big year for A-List pregnancies too with Kate Middleton and Prince William's (aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) news being one of the most talked about events recently. Other celeb bumps include that of Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton, comedian David Walliams' wife Lara Stone, Peaches Geldof (again!), recently wed Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays (with her hubby JLS' Marvin Humes) and 'Homeland' star Claire Danes.

High Drama (And A Death) In Penultimate Homeland Episode

Claire Danes

Last night’s episode of Homeland turned out to be a bit of a jaw-dropper, and ended up with one major character headed to the grave.

Entitled ‘The Motherf***er With A Turban,’ it was one of the most dramatic episodes yet, with Abu Nazir coming dangerously close to killing Carrie (Claire Danes) before the tables are turned and she is rescued by FBI field agents also on the hunt for him.

To summarise what happened last night: Carrie goes to find Nazir but loses him. After several possibilities are explored as to his whereabouts, or how he slipped out, Carrie becomes convinced that he’s hiding in the tunnels. Sure enough, when she leads a small team down the tunnels to hunt him down, they discover his little hideaway, where he had been sleeping. Unfortunately, just as they find their evidence, Nazir appears and kills the agent who’s with Carrie, before going after her, as well. Anyone that wasn’t covering their eyes in fear, or hiding behind the sofa at that moment, would have seen the rest of the agents rounding on Nazir and ensuring that he met a grisly end before he could do any more damage.

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Anne Hathaway Proves Her Comic Worth In SNL Appearance

Anne Hathaway Claire Danes Katie Holmes Saturday Night Live

Anne Hathaway starred as this weeks guest host of Saturday Night Live last night (Nov 10), proving herself to be a master of comic timing and delivery. Don't act like you weren't surprised.

The Dark Knight Rises star threw herself into every role she took on during the show, which also featured musical guest Rihanna, lampooning a few celebs on the way. 

Her parody of Carrie Mathison, the neurotic CIA agent with bi-polar disorder from the hit show Homeland, was absolutely spot on. The character, played in real life by Claire Danes, is known for her penchant for going overboard with pinning evidence on cork boards and her tendency to sleep with witnesses, co-workers or whoever is around as well as mixing her medication with white wine - subjects that were thoroughly covered on the laugh-a-minute show.

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Fall's Season Of Renews: Elementary And Vegas Set To Return

Jonny Lee Miller Lucy Liu Claire Danes Damian Lewis

Nina Tassler, the president of CBS Entertainment, delighted thousands of fans today as she confirmed the renewal of Elementary and Vegas.

Elementary is a new take on Sherlock Holmes and Watson, starring Jonny Lee Miller as the illusive detective, with a twist on the original Watson played by a woman, Lucy Liu. Vegas is also a crime based drama, which follows a Sheriff, played by Denis Quaid as he does 1960s battle with a Vegas mobster, brought to life by Michael Chiklis.

"Vegas and Elementary have opened strong, delivering big audiences and winning performances in important time periods," she said, reported by E! "Each of the shows has rich characters, big stars and a unique visual style that have stood out in the crowd, helping make two of our strongest nights even stronger." In fact, the two shows take the top spots in ratings for new shows on the network. 

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"Mandy Patinkin, Holla" Goes Viral After Claire Danes' Bizarre Emmy Acceptance Speech

Mandy Patinkin Claire Danes Damian Lewis

Mandy Patinkin was the toast of the town last night (September 23rd) when he, alongside the rest of the Homeland cast won big at the Emmy Awards 2012. The Showtime program won four of the five categories it was nominated in, including Outstanding Drama Series. Patinkin didn't win any individual honours, but it was ensured that he more than any of the others was talked about on the internet last night after his co-star Clare Danes opted to give him his own unique shout out among the list of people she thanked upon winning the Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama category.

The Associated Press reports that as Danes went through the names, she stopped specifically at Patinkin and called out "Mandy Patinkin, holla". Twitter erupted with delight at the unorthodox way of thanking her co-star, with several sights demanding that the saying became a new internet meme. Oh goody. Gawker wrote: "'Mandy Patinkin, holla' is the new Angelina Jolie's leg," whilst New York Magazine's Vulture account said: "'Mandy Patinkin, holla' is the best thank-you ever." NPR's twitter meanwhile said: "If the Internet doesn't remix 'Mandy Patinkin, holla' by tomorrow morning, it is a failure."

The other two awards that Homeland took home were for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series, which went to Damian Lewis with the writing team taking the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

Video - Claire Danes Is Dressed Down As She Arrives For David Letterman

'Romeo + Juliet' star Claire Danes arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City with her entourage for 'The Late Show With David Letterman'. She is dressed very casually and doesn't stop for the awaiting photographers. One paparazzo is forgiving, however, and tells the others that 'she's not dressed' as a suggestion to why she wasn't stopping for photos.

Earlier this year, the triple Golden Globe winning actress announced that she was expecting her first child with her husband Hugh Dancy but told Letterman that she didn't want to reveal the baby's gender to the public yet

Me And Orson Welles Review

Very Good
While this feels like an autobiographical coming-of-age movie, it's actually a fictional story set among real people. And it's brought to vibrant life by a superb performance from McKay as Orson Welles.

Richard (Efron) is a 17-year-old wannabe in 1937 New York, determined to get into the groundbreaking Mercury Theatre company run by 22-year-old genius Orson Welles (McKay). When he stumbles into a role in their landmark production of Julius Caesar, Richard can't believe his luck. He's working alongside such ascending stars as George Coulouris (Chaplin), John Houseman (Marsan), Muriel Brassler (Reilly), Jopseph Cotton (Tupper) and Norman Lloyd (Bill). And he feels even more fortunate when Orson's hard-to-get assistant Sonja (Danes) agrees to go out with him.

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Evening Review

Evening enjoys prestigious name recognition. It is based on a novel by Susan Minot, and adapted by Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours. The movie's cast is Dream Team caliber, from Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, and Vanessa Redgrave to Claire Danes and Toni Collette. And it marks Lajos Koltai's anticipated second film.


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U Turn Review

I can't imagine U Turn in any director's hands except Oliver Stone's. Breaking free from his political obsessions, Stone explores new territory, giving the material a stark edge, innovation, and a thick, memorable atmosphere. In one film he investigates adultery, incest, bad luck, Indian philosophy, gambling, paranoia, murder, deception, fraud, money, and the Russian Mafia. This is an original tale with a full plate, but surprisingly U Turn never feels crowded, contrived, or recycled. It's a feast for the senses, as long as you have a strong stomach.

Similar to Natural Born Killers in style, the film includes black & white inserts, frequent use of hand-held cameras, overexposed shots, vivid close-ups, zip-switches from smooth to grainy, unique camera angles, time-lapse sequences, and hallucinogenic effects. Stone rounded up some of his Nixon crew to establish the technical aspects of the film, including director of photography Robert Richardson, production designer Victor Kempster, and editors Hank Corwin and Thomas Nordberg. The crew shot U Turn in just 42 days, entirely on location in the actual town of Superior, Arizona, fully utilizing the vast landscape. According to the film's production information, the filmmakers revamped four blocks of Superior's main street, even creating new restaurants out of unused storefronts.

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Terminator 3: Rise Of The MacHines Review


Several significant plot holes prove a frustrating and unnecessary distraction from the exhilarating, ante-upping, unflagging action of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," an otherwise worthy, series-fulfilling successor to the groundbreaking looming-apocalypse flicks that made the careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron.

One nuclear-crater-sized chasm of common sense comes at a pivotal moment when the film's three heroes -- future human freedom fighter John Conner (Nick Stahl), his future wife and first lieutenant Kate Brewster (Clare Danes), and yet another time-traveling Terminator (Schwarzenegger relishing again the one role in which he's truly awesome) -- magically turn up deep inside a top-secret military base without any explanation of how they breached security.

They've come to stop Kate's father (David Andrews), an Air Force general in charge of an artificial intelligence project, from throwing the switch that will give the dangerously self-aware SkyNet defense computers access to all military systems, leading to the nuclear annihilation of mankind.

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The Hours Review

Very Good

"The Hours" is an Oscar voter's nightmare. An adaptation of Michael Cunningham's novel about three women in three different time periods whose lives are profoundly affected by Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway," the film features equally magnificent performances of nearly equal screen time from three of the best actresses working in film today.

Meryl Streep submerges herself in the self-sacrificing soul of Clarissa Vaughan, a modern Manhattan book editor whose longtime dear friend -- and volatile ex-lover -- Richard (Ed Harris) likes to ruffle her feathers by comparing her to the heroine of Woolf's book. Both women are externally serene, perfectionist party-throwers hiding deep reservoirs of regret over missed opportunities while living lives as mother-hen caretakers to others.

Julianne Moore plays Laura Brown, a fragile, pregnant 1950s housewife in the midst of reading "Mrs. Dalloway," whose deep depression (like Woolf's) and suicidal musings (like Dalloway's) go all but unnoticed by everyone except her young son (Jack Rovello), who clings to her apron strings with worry.

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Terminator 3: Rise Of The MacHines Movie Review

Several significant plot holes prove a frustrating and unnecessary distraction from the exhilarating, ante-upping, unflagging...

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