Claire Danes has cut back on her coffee drinking since she got pregnant.

The 33-year-old actress - who is expecting her first child with her husband Hugh Dancy - claims her pregnancy will not be featured in the second series of 'Homeland' and little has had to change in her life since she discovered her happy news apart from her deciding to lower her caffeine intake.

She said: ''It (the pregnancy) is fine, I'm not drinking so much coffee, but it's fine.''

Claire plays the role of Carrie Mathison in the CIA drama, and she admits portraying someone with bipolar disorder has given her a new-found empathy for people with the condition.

She told Radio Times magazine: ''The more I learnt about the disorder or the condition, the more respect I had for the illness and the people who grapple with it.

''It's deep, and it affects a lot of people and I really didn't want to render it in a dishonest way. I didn't really want to comment on it; I didn't want to judge it as good or bad. I just wanted to share my impression of it.

''I don't think it can be dismissed simply as a horrible thing because there's value in it too; there are gifts that come with it. But it's also incredibly dangerous, and often fatal.''