Claire Danes feels grateful to have such a ''fulfilling'' life.

The 'Homeland' actress is expecting her first child with husband Hugh Dancy and knows she's very lucky to have such a content personal life.

She said: ''It's the best possible thing to have a good man in your life and be able to share this kind of happiness. We're able to have a very relaxing and interesting time together and just enjoy simple things. It's so fulfilling to be able to look forward to the future together.''

While Claire, 33, is happy wither life now, she admits her teenage years were ''messed up''.

She added to OK! magazine: ''I was a pretty messed up and misanthropic teenager and it was good for me to find some good friends whom I could talk to and get rid of some of my angst. I was way too serious and overly concerned with trying to project this adult self.

''Later in my 20s I kind of figured out that adults don't really have that much more insight or certainty about their lives either!''