Last night’s episode of Homeland turned out to be a bit of a jaw-dropper, and ended up with one major character headed to the grave.

Entitled ‘The Motherf***er With A Turban,’ it was one of the most dramatic episodes yet, with Abu Nazir coming dangerously close to killing Carrie (Claire Danes) before the tables are turned and she is rescued by FBI field agents also on the hunt for him.

To summarise what happened last night: Carrie goes to find Nazir but loses him. After several possibilities are explored as to his whereabouts, or how he slipped out, Carrie becomes convinced that he’s hiding in the tunnels. Sure enough, when she leads a small team down the tunnels to hunt him down, they discover his little hideaway, where he had been sleeping. Unfortunately, just as they find their evidence, Nazir appears and kills the agent who’s with Carrie, before going after her, as well. Anyone that wasn’t covering their eyes in fear, or hiding behind the sofa at that moment, would have seen the rest of the agents rounding on Nazir and ensuring that he met a grisly end before he could do any more damage.

There were further developments in the Brody – Jessica – Carrie relations as well but we won’t spoil everything for you. Needless to say, next week’s season closer, entitled ‘The Choice’ is bound to be un-missable.