As Homeland season 3 moved into its third episode Tower of David this week, we learned that Carrie and Nicholas are enduring similar ordeals almost 6,000 miles apart. The suspected terrorist is in a Venezuelan slum while Carrie is holed up in a Washington area hospital. 

HomelandHomeland Aired Season 3 Epsiode 3 On Sunday

Both are on drugs too - Brody on heroin to keep him docile and Carrie on Ritalin to control her bipolar disorder. Somewhat ambitiously, episode 3 is Brody's first appearance in the latest season and for a moment it looked as though it could very well be his last. He's in a bad way - near death in fact after being ambushed in Colombia and shot twice in the stomach. 

Luckily, he's rescued by Caracas rebels and taken to their hideout, nicknamed the Tower of David. It houses Dr Graham (Erik Tood Dellums) who quite rightly asserts that he could let the American fugitive die and collect a $10 million reward. So why not?

Well, as it turns out, rebel leader El Nino knows Carrie from the CIA and is determined to keep Brody alive. Fast-forward a little and the police end up getting called, with El Nino and his men coming to rescue once more and gunning down the cops. 

Meanwhile, Carrie tries to escape confinement by trying to convince her psychiatrist that a "sea change" in behavior occurred. She claims she's lucid and ready to go home. 

Homeland PosterHomeland Has Received Mixed Ratings in the US and UK

"So Saul did you a favor?" the psychiatrist asks her, referring to CIA Director Berenson who obtained medical treatment for Carrie against her will. The director wants Carrie's feelings for Brody - the world's most wanted terrorist - to subside, given he supposedly masterminded the CIA headquarters bombing that killed over 200 people.

"Will you please tell Saul that I'm better?" Carrie asks the doctor.

In September, the third season premiere of Homeland pulled in 2.6 million viewers for the night - up 26% from 2013. It's not so rosy in the UK though, where the second episode of Homeland pulled in 1.94 million viewers - it's lowest ever.