Though Homeland's third season will make its debut on American TV screens this Sunday, the UK will have to wait for the hit political drama until the 6th October, as Channel 4 confirms its Sunday night premiere.

Expect A Much Darker Return To The CIA Drama.

The show, starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, has gained a sizeable following after its electric two seasons. The second season finale ended on an explosive note and as the end credits rolled we shook our screen with fury wondering how we could possibly wait another year to find out Brody's fate as well as how Carrie and Saul are coping picking up the pieces of a devastated CIA.

Without giving too much away if you're looking to catch up with the show, where on Earth do we go from here? Is there still a terrorist in the mix? Despite all his wide-eyed head shaking, we're also not entirely convinced that Brody is a good guy. He may have run off to the woods but we're still pretty sure he's got fingers in some secret dynamite pies.

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Claire Danes, who plays Homeland's lead, bipolar CIA agent Carrie Matheson, accepted the extraordinary accomplishment of being awarded two consecutive Emmy Awards for best drama actress at the ceremony last Sunday; a testament to her intense and challenging role.

Speaking ahead of the US premiere of the new series, Danes explained to USA Today where the series was going, and described an altogether darker show. There will be "a lot of sophisticated surprises," teases Danes. She's not kidding: first off, we don't even see Brody for the first two episodes and he doesn't have a single scene with wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin) all season.

Describing a character "at a fairly manic pitch," Carrie's very "isolated," says Danes. "It's very mournful. It's sad, which makes sense, given the human devastation that was caused by the bombing." The fraught CIA agent is likely to be made scapegoat for the bombing as the CIA is rendered vulnerable under investigation.

Baccarin concurs, "Expect a darker journey: a more internal journey for a lot of characters. Even though there's a lot of investigating going on with the CIA and they're hunting Brody, every character is going through a deep emotional journey."

"I think Season 3 returns to something darker, more hard-boiled," remarks Damian Lewis gravely. He calls Brody "a broken package," explaining, "He's on the run and to use the spy terminology, he's out in the cold."

Darker, harder, colder: does this mean Homeland S3 will be a more subdued ride than the edge-of-your-seat tension of earlier series? While it's "very dark," it's also emotional and compelling, Danes hints. "The show is never boring."

Homeland Series 3 premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday 6th October at 9pm and on Showtime in the USA on Sunday 29th September.