Since news of Claire Danes ' first pregnancy broke yesterday, most of her fans have rejoiced in her good news. Behind the smiles, though, there is one question that everybody is thinking but only a few have been impolite enough to ask. That question.? That question is "Omg are we still going to get a second season of Homeland, like you promised us, please sir?" And the answer, thankfully (if you are a fan of the show) is a resounding "Yes. Yes, you are."
Whether or not Danes' pregnancy will affect the storyline at all remains to be seen but according to an article published by Cinema Blend suggests that it won't. TV Line produced an article that brought up the idea of Danes' character Carrie Matthison also being pregnant, though they quickly do an about-turn on that idea, largely reinforced by the show's production company's statement to People magazine, who broke the news of Claire's pregnancy. The statement confirmed that Danes expecting her first child is "not expected to impact the production of season two."
Cinema Blend reveal that Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy have timed their first child rather well, given that filming of Homeland season two is already well advanced and is in the "latter stages" of shooting. The Showtime series is scheduled to air on September 30, 2012 and it looks unlikely that its lead actress' recent news will have any effect on that timing.