This year's Women in Film and Television (WFTV) Awards had a strong influence from the Olympics, which had dominated national thought and energy for years leading up to the summer's event, reports the Guardian. The Olympics has affected a few people personally- namely, the competitors and their coaches- but also, as these awards note, the hard working people that made it all possible for us to watch and enjoy.

Clare Balding won Achievement of the Year for her work presenting the Olympics She said: "I take the award on behalf of all of the women in sports television. I think it's important for young girls who are, I hope, watching us and thinking 'that's a job I want to do' to know that warmth, humour, intelligence, doing your homework; that's what matters." And adding a jolly quip, she said, "I'm not getting this award because of what I look like, or my dress sense - we all know that." She really is a shining light for women's role models, an arena that has been sadly saturated by the Bella Swans and Katie Prices for many years seems to be hitting a turning point in not only the representation of women, but of their perceived value. 

The Chief Exec of WFTV Kate Kinnimont highlighted the summer's sports achievements and their residual impact saying that she was very proud that "three... winners - Clare Balding, Barbara Slater and Tracey Seaward - were key players in delivering the most watched TV event in UK broadcasting history, the London Olympics". 

On other achievements she said: "I'm particularly pleased that we have two exceptional film directors Lynne Ramsay and Sally El Hosaini among our winners this year," said Kinninmont. "There is still a significant gender disparity when it comes to feature film directors, but the talent of Lynne and Sally, irrespective of the gender, is undeniable - and I'm proud that our awards are recognising that." 

And finished, saying: "Every single one of our winners is an inspiration and a role model. We salute them all and have done our best to throw them the awards ceremony they deserve."