Clean Bandit are ''planning on starting a fight with Kasabian'' at Coachella.

Brothers Jack and Luke Patterson - two members of the chart-topping electronic band - aren't happy with Serge Pizzorno after the guitarist said the four-piece were ridiculous because they didn't write their own songs earlier this year - even though the siblings insist they do.

Jack and Luke aren't going to take his insult lying down and if they run into him at the music festival in Indio, California, they plan to confront him about his slur.

Jack fumed to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''We are planning on starting a fight with Kasabian. He is a w***er, that guy. I don't know why he is trying to get involved. I don't know what prompted that outcry. If I see him I'll probably knock him out.''

It's not just Serge that Clean Bandit have been getting a bit of flak from recently, as fans have also criticised them for their appearances in adverts for Microsoft's app Cortana.

However, Luke has defended the 'Rather Be' hitmakers for their decision to front the campaign, claiming that the lack of money in the music industry means they have to diversify to make a living.

The drummer said: ''It's hard when you are working for eight years and doing it for free. It's incredibly difficult to make a living. People should not take it so seriously. Doing that or prostitution ... those are the options.''