Review of Come Into The Darkness Out On Domino Recording 23/06/03 Single by Clearlake


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Come Into The Darkness Out On Domino Recording 23/06/03

They are a darkly poetic and soothingly melodic band from the south of England beginning with C. This introduction will alienate half the readers who have gone off to tear their hair and scream "not those sanctimonious pillocks again".

Clearlake attempt to raise their profile before heading of on tour in July with Grandaddy, in this double A sided offering extracted from their "Cedars" album. 'Come Into The Darkness' contains a positive message about burying the past:

"When you were younger were you afraid and alone?

And just remember that was a long time ago and

Now it's different you can take care of yourself."

Clearlake @

The cynically titled 'The mind is evil' is varied instrumentally with a neat and slightly creepy piano introduction. Beneath the murky surface lie romantic & soulful lyrics tendering the view that the heart is pure:

"There's no such thing as a cold careless heart.

No-one is heartless that I've ever known."

The problem for Clearlake is that they definitely fall into "The middle of the road" indie category. The problem with being in the middle of the road is that you have no real direction to head in.