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Justin Bieber 'In Talks' To Star In Football Movie Alongside Cristiano Ronaldo

Justin Bieber Cristiano Ronaldo David Beckham Clint Eastwood

Justin Bieber is said to be in talks to star alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in a reboot of the Goal! film franchise. It would be the ‘Sorry’ singer’s first Hollywood acting role, after previously making a cameo as himself in Zoolander 2.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber is in talks to play a talented young footballer

According to The Mirror, Justin in in the final stages of talks to appear in the film alongside Ronaldo and a host of the world’s top footballers. Justin would play a young footballer from Los Angeles, who is plucked from obscurity and becomes an overnight sensation with the world’s most famous club.

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Sully Trailer

Chesley Sullenberger has been a pilot all of his adult life. Having had an interest in planes from a young age, Sully decided to join the United States Air Force Academy where he became a 'top flyer' in his class. From his initial position as a cadet, he worked his way up the ranks be become a captain. His astute knowledge of planes was one of the reasons why he was also part of an accident investigation board.

After leaving the air force, he began work at American Airways, whilst also keeping up his interest in aircraft safety. On January 15, 2009 sully began work as usual, travelling to LaGuardia Airport for a flight to Charlotte. The bags were loaded, the passengers seated and the checks completed as it was time for take-off.

As Sully and his co-pilot, Jeff Skiles, initiate the take-off procedure, there was nothing to make either think that this wouldn't be a straightforward shuttle flight. As the wheels took off and the plane lifted from the ground, the plane is suddenly thrown into chaos as a flock of geese fly into the plane and cause serious malfunctions in both engines.

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Clint Eastwood On His 'American Sniper' Critics: "They're Right"

Clint Eastwood

With American Sniper, Clint Eastwood has helmed one of the biggest box-office hits in recent memory though Chris Kyle's story has not been without its criticism. The Oscar-nominated movie has been getting heat from the likes of Michael Moore and Bill Maher for its apparent mindless flag waving and intoxicating bias.

Clint EastwoodBradley Cooper [L] and Sienna Miller [R] in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper

Moore claimed Eastwood was getting "Vietnam and Iraq confused in his storytelling" and Maher said the movie was nothing but the story of a "psychopath patriot." 

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Michelle Obama Praises 'American Sniper' For Realistic Depiction Of Returning Veteran

Michelle Obama Clint Eastwood Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller

Michelle Obama has praised the film American Sniper for realistically depicting military veterans. The First Lady was speaking at an event for 6 Certified, an association which attempts to promote film and television productions which feature more faithful representations of veterans, on Friday (30th January).

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama has praised American Sniper.

Read More: Contactmusic's Review Of American Sniper.

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'American Sniper' Continues Extraordinary, Unprecedented Box-Office Run

Bradley Cooper Clint Eastwood

American Sniper has moved past $200 million at the global box-office, topping the domestic chart for a second weekend in a row with $64.4 million. Clint Eastwood's drama is up for six Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actor for Bradley Cooper

Clint EastwoodBradley Cooper [L] and Sienna Miller [R] in American Sniper

The movie is something of an anomaly in box-office history - January releases are notoriously low earners, but Sniper is taking cold hard cash from all territories. 

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Oscars 2015 Line-Up: Notice Anything Missing?

David Oyelowo Ava DuVernay Bradley Cooper Steve Carell Clint Eastwood

The Oscars and white nominees go together like cheese and white bread – but in both cases, that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. With the kickoff of awards season 2015 came the inevitable backlash for the lack of diversity on the nominees list, but what are the bloggers saying this time around?

Oprah Winfrey, Selma
No Selma at this year's Oscars.

This year, it looks like the academy jury didn’t even try to seem unbiased – despite films like Selma and Gone Girl becoming massive critical and commercial successes in 2014, both Gillian Flynn and Ana Duvernay got left out of the race for Best Screenplay and Best Director, respectively. David Oyelowo also got snubbed, leaving us with a total of 0 people of colour in the acting categories. Now, it’s not that Bradley Cooper didn’t deserve his third nomination in three years (Best Actor, American Sniper) or that Steve Carrell’s transition into drama wasn’t nod-worthy (Best Actor, Foxcatcher) or that Richard Linklater didn’t create a masterpiece with Boyhood (Best Director).

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'American Sniper' Is Good - But Is It Oscars Good?

Bradley Cooper Clint Eastwood

After all the talk, Clint Eastwood's powerful drama American Sniper, featuring a gripping performance from lead Bradley Cooper, rolls out in theaters in the U.S this weekend. It tells the true story of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, who is sent to Iraq to protect his brothers-in-arms.

Clint EastwoodBradley Cooper lays on a career best performance in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper

Originally, it was Steven Spielberg who was to direct the movie, though his persistence to have a more "psychological conflict" present in the screenplay (which took it to 160 pages) was beyond what Warner Bros could offer. In August 2013, Spielberg dropped out of directing, though make no mistake about it - this is a movie made for Eastwood's deft touch.

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Err, So Why Did 'Selma' Director Ava DuVernay Get Snubbed By DGA?

Clint Eastwood Ava DuVernay

The Directors Guild of America has announced its nominees for the 67th annual DGA Award for direction of a feature film, with Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Clint Eastwood (American Sniper), Alejandro G. Inarritu, Richard Linklater (Boyhood) and Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) all on the ballot.

Ava DuvernayAva DuVernay was snubbed by the DGA - but for what reason?

Eastwood and Tyldum's names are clearly the main surprises and their inclusion meant there was no room for Ava DuVernay - who did such a remarkable job of Selma - and Bennett Miller for Foxcatcher. David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Angelina Jolie, Paul Thomas Anderson, James Marsh and J.C. Chandor were also high profile absentees.

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Watch Bradley Cooper In The Tense First Trailer For Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’

Bradley Cooper Clint Eastwood Sienna Miller

For the past few months we’ve become used to the sight of a more beefy, beardy Bradley Cooper, but now the time has finally come to see the actor’s new look in action, as the first trailer for American Sniper has landed. Yes Bradley’s transformation was all so he could look the part of real life Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, known as the most lethal sniper in US history.

Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper stars in American Sniper as Chris Kyle

Directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Cooper, American Sniper is based on Kyle’s memoir ‘American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History’. The film has been in development since 2012, a year before Kyle’s tragic death at a Texas shooting range.

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American Sniper Trailer

What would you do when your own morals come into direct confrontation with your duty to protect your peers? For Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), a U.S. Navy SEAL working as a sniper in Iraq, the question comes in one of the worst possible ways. An armed patrol, under the watchful eyes of Kyle, is confronted by a woman and a child. When the woman hands the child what looks to be a Russian grenade, Kyle desperately calls for someone else to see and make a confirmation. When no one can, he is faced with the choice of killing the young boy in his tracks, or jeopardising the safety of his colleagues. 

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Eastwood's 'Jersey Boys' Is Fun But Fails To Upstage Broadway

Clint Eastwood Christopher Walken Vincent Piazza Billy Gardell

On the eve of the premiere of Clint Eastwood's movie adaptation of the Broadway hot musical, Jersey Boys, we thought we'd do a little snooping around to see what critics are saying and whether we should be adjusting our diaries this weekend to make way for a trip to the cinema.

Starring Christopher Walken, Boardwalk Empire's Vincent Piazza, Mike & Molly actor Billy Gardell and Jersey Boys stage star, actress Erica Piccininni, the movie tells the story of four young men who came together to form popular sixties rock group The Four Seasons. Eastwood frames one of the most adored band of the '60s with their early career struggles and gritty dealings with mobsters.

Describing the movie as a "likable and not overly romanticized portrait of the Four Seasons," SF Gate's Mick LaSalle praises the movie's songs, saying "Even if you have never particularly liked these songs, you will like them here [...] There's something about witnessing the birth of a sound - specifically "Sherry," their breakthrough - that makes that sound more beautiful."

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Clint Eastwood Doesn't Care Much For The Music Of The Four Seasons

Clint Eastwood The Four Seasons Frankie Valli

Despite having taken 'The Jersey Boys' from Broadway to the big screen, Clint Eastwood has admitted that he doesn’t really enjoy the music of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Instead, the legendary actor, famous for his roles in westerns and crime dramas, prefers the sounds of the 40s and 50s; singers like Nat King Cole and Billy Eckstine.

Christoper Walken and Clint EastwoodChristoper Walken and Clint Eastwood attend a Jersey Boys screening dinner. (Photo: Getty 2014 - Mireya Acierto)

"I wasn't a big fan of the music that came out of the Sixties but I think The Four Seasons did some great stuff. Can't Take My Eyes Off You was probably the closest thing to a classic song that came out of the Fifties and Sixties," he explained. 

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'22 Jump Street' Tops US Box Office But Are New Releases This Weekend Serious Threats?

Channing Tatum Jonah Hill Clint Eastwood Mark Wahlberg Stanley Tucci Kevin Hart Adam Brody Michael Ealy Regina Hall La La Anthony Christopher Walken Vincent Piazza Kathrine Narducci

22 Jump Street and How To Train Your Dragon 2 have topped the US weekend box office. The two newcomers gained, respectively, first and second position knocking, The Fault In Our Stars off the top spot. The latter film has plummeted to fifth two weeks after its release. Maleficent remains in the top three, having being pushed out of second position by HTTYD2. But after two weeks, the Disney re-envisioning of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale is doing fairly well. 

22 Jump Street
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star in 22 Jump Street.

22 Jump Street, which stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as two undercover cops in college, has received positive reviews from critics and has evidently won over audiences with the reprisal of childish antics and easy laughs we encountered in the original, 21 Jump Street. It's the perfect film for the summer months and with the new competition released this weekend (20th June), may not be out of the box office top ten for some time. So what is on offer for this weekend?

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Third Time Lucky? Will Bradley Cooper Finally Land Elusive Best Actor Oscar For 'American Sniper'?

Bradley Cooper Clint Eastwood Suki Waterhouse

Pictures of Bradley Cooper on set on his new film American Sniper have been beginning to surface over the past few days (mainly pics of him and girlfriend Suki Waterhouse sharing a little PDA). American Sniper is the eagerly anticipated Clint Eastwood project that’s got everyone talking, based on the life of Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle.  Kyle has been credited with the highest recorded number of sniper kills for an American.

Bradley Cooper American Sniper Bradley Cooper has seriously buffed up for his role as Chris Kyle in American Sniper

The film will be based on Kyle's 2013 autobiography of the same name. Kyle claims in the autobiography that he killed over 150 people, although he will sadly not be around the see Eastwood’s film. He was tragically shot and killed by fellow military veteran Marine Eddie Ray Routh after he had taken the latter to the gun range to try and help with his post traumatic stress disorder. Routh turned his gun on Kyle and his companion Chad Littlefield.

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Bradley Cooper Has Shortest Shorts In Hollywood. For That, He Should Be Commended

Bradley Cooper Clint Eastwood Sienna Miller

Bradley Cooper has the tightest, shortest shorts around. That's a fact. The Hollywood star was snapped shooting Clint Eastwood's American Sniper on Wednesday (4th June) sporting an incredible pair of khakis to get into character as America's deadliest sniper, Chris Kyle.

Cooper was also wearing a white T-shirt and combat boots as he shot a Navy SEAL training scene, doing press-ups while being sprayed with a water hose. 

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A Week In Movies: Tribeca Brings Out Stars In New York, Jennifer Films In L.A., Kelsey Shoots In London, And New Trailers Promise Music, Thrills And More Music

Jon Favreau Mike Tyson Jennifer Aniston Kelsey Grammer Chloe Moretz Keira Knightley Mark Ruffalo Clint Eastwood Christopher Walken

Chef Movie

The Tribeca Film Festival is underway in New York, and stars have been turning out to promote their new movies. Jon Favreau and Sofia Vergara hit the red carpet for their film Chef. Sofia Loren turned up with her filmmaker son Edoardo Ponti and other family members for the premiere of Soul Survivors. And retired boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield staged a reunion on the red carpet for the the documentary Champs. Check out the videos here Jon Favreau And Sofia Vergara Appear At The Tribeca Premiere For 'Chef'Sophia Loren Takes Her Family To The Tribeca Premiere Of Film Short 'Soul Survivors' and Mike Tyson And Evander Holyfield Pose Together At The Tribeca Premiere Of 'Champs'.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, paparazzi got more pictures of a rather rough-looking Jennifer Aniston on the set of her new movie Cake, along with costar Sam Worthington. It's about a mother who is both physically and emotionally devastated by a car crash, and gets help from an unexpected source. Take a browse through our photo gallery of Jennifer Aniston filming new movie "Cake".

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Chris Evans And Other Actors Who Retired To Become Directors

Chris Evans Clint Eastwood Ben Affleck Ron Howard Madonna Eddie Murphy

Chris Evans has told Variety that when the time comes that he is no longer under Marvel contract he plans to turn his hand to directing. The Captain America: The Winter Soldier actor explained, “I’ve known for a while I wanted to direct. But [time] never really opens up...There’s another movie to do, there’s another acting job...If I’m acting at all, it’s going to be under Marvel contract, or I’m going to be directing.”

chris evans acting Actor Chris Evans plans to direct when he is no longer under Marvel contract

Evans isn’t the first actor to feel the call of the director’s seat, some were more natural behind the camera, some should never have quit their day jobs.

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Clint Eastwood Seperation After 17 Years Confirmed By Wife Dina

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood and his wife of 17 years, Dina Eastwood (neé Ruiz), have decided to call it quits with their marriage. Dana revealed the news herself, speaking with Us Weekly to reveal that she and her husband had grown further and further apart over the years and come to the conclusion that there was little point staying together.

Clint Dana Eastwood
Clint and Dana have apparently been living separately for a whie now

Dana told the publication that the split was a mutual one, done with the consent of both parties. The 48-year-old former news reporter also revealed that she and Clint had been separated for a while already and as things hadn't improved between the two during the break in their marriage, the two decided to end things for good. Clint's manager has since commented on Dana's claims, stating that he knows noting about these claims.

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Clint & Dina Eastwood Separate After 17 Years Of Marriage

Clint Eastwood Dina Eastwood

Clint Eastwood and his wife of 17 years, Dina, have separated. Dina Eastwood, nee Ruiz, made a statement on Thursday (29th August) confirming she and her husband were no longer together. Eastwood has only been married twice, but has had numerous relationships with other women. The 83-year-old actor has seven children including 16-year-old Morgan with Dina. Eastwood met news anchor Dina in 1993 when she interviewed him and they married three years later.

 Dina and Clint Eastwood
Dina and Clint Eastwood, photographed together in 2010.

Their separation appears to be amicable and may not be a recent decision. The Mail reported the couple have not been photographed together since 2011 and it is believed, according to Us Weekly (who Dina spoke to) that the separation began in June of last year. Strangely, relations between the couple cannot have been overly strained as Eastwood agreed to appear on Dina's reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company. The show also featured their daughter Morgan and Eastwood's daughter, from previous marriage to Frances Fisher, Francesca. Mrs. Eastwood & Company aired in May and June of last year; the show must have been filmed in the previous few months. Their marriage, at least on camera, did not appear to be in difficulty. It was later revealed, by TMZ, that the couple were facing adversity as Dina had entered a facility in April 2013 to help treat depression and anxiety. 

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After Spielberg Dropped "American Sniper" Clint Eastwood Reportedly In Talks To Direct

Clint Eastwood Bradley Cooper Steven Spielberg

Clint Eastwood has set his sights on a brand new directing project. The action star is in talks for American Snyper, which sounds quite appropriate, given his affinity for guns on screen. The movie will be adapted from the autobiography of former navy SEAL Chris Kyle. The book, full title American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History tells the story of Kyle’s career as a sniper and how he came to have the most kills on record by an American sniper in history.

Clint Eastwood, Tribeca Film Festival
The studio reportedly wants Eastwood to direct.

The project was formerly set to be directed by Steven Spielberg, however the legendary director dropped the film after he and the studio could not reach an agreement on the budget. The Hollywood Reporter, which originally reported Eastwood’s potential appointment, notes that it would put him on a tight schedule, with filming of Jersey Boys, the adaptation of the Broadway musical, which he is also directing, about to kick off.

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Claire Danes Considered Becoming Interior Designer Before 'Homeland'

Claire Danes Naomi Watts Clint Eastwood Leonardo Dicaprio

Claire Danes was so disillusioned with the television and film industry before landing her award-winning role on the Showtime series Homeland that she considered becoming an interior designer. Danes' star appeared on the rise after her Golden Globe winning performance in HBO's 2012 move Temple Grandin, though what followed was a gruelling two year stretch without a job.

"It was confusing. I got a lot of plaudits, and it didn't translate into more work. I was really, really struggling during that time," Danes tells the latest issue of Vogue. "And a point came where I thought, 'I really like interior design.' Someone suggested, 'Maybe your real success is in your personal life.'"

Then a strange thing happened. Danes was offered the role of a driven CIA officer battling her own psychological demons on an intriguing new show named Homeland. The actress mulled over the offer. Producers were essentially building the show around the Romeo + Juliet actress - given she was the very first to be cast - though Danes was considering a role as J. Edgar Hoover's secretary in Clint Eastwood's movie J. Edgar, starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

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Ben Affleck Is Guy’S Choice Awards’ ‘Guy Of The Year’

Ben Affleck Clint Eastwood Brad Pitt George Clooney Mickey Rourke Matt Damon Jennifer Aniston Jessica Alba Snoop Dogg Vince Vaughn Jimmy Kimmel Henry Cavill Burt Reynolds Jeff Bridges Jake Gyllenhaal Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck was awarded with the Spike’s Tv ‘Guy of the Year Award’ on Saturday (aired last night). The ceremony took place in Culver City, California. Affleck was presented his antler shaped (nicknamed ‘mantler’) award by fellow Oscar winning actor and director, Clint Eastwood. This is one of many awards; Affleck has received this year including an Oscar for his film Argo.

The Awards were first held in 2007 and previous winners have included Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Mickey Rourke, Maek Wahlberg and Matt Damon. As you’d expect, the awards are hardly female friendly (there is an award named the ‘holy grail of hot’) yet many turned out for the event including Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba.

The awards are hardly on par with the Oscars or a Golden Globes – there was a category in 2012 for ‘Hottest Zo(o)e(y)’. The nominations for this particular award were somewhat limited. However, the award’s lack of prestige did not prevent Affleck celebrating backstage with Snoop Dogg, Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Kimmel.

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Clint Eastwood Wife Mulls Divorce After Heading Into Rehab

Clint Eastwood Dina Eastwood Morgan Eastwood

Clint Eastwood and wife Dina's relationship has gotten so bad that she has divorce on the mind, according to a report by Mrs Eastwood entered rehab for depression and anxiety last week because she says her marriage is on the rocks and the possibility of divorcing from Hollywood legend Clint sent her over the edge.

Sources close to the couple tell the entertainment website that Clint and Dina - who've been married since 1996 - have been having serious marital issues for months and that Dina has been mulling over whether to end their marriage. An insider chose not to disclose the specifics of the couple's problems, though did confirm that Clint still believes the marriage is salvageable. They also said the rehab stint was Dina's choice and that she plans to stay at the exclusive facility in Arizona for a few months. 

Reports of unrest in the marriage intensified when Clint was pictured with the Tribeca Film Festival without his wedding ring. The 82-year-old actor and director participated in a film event on Saturday (April 27, 2013) without the band and was also seen walking the streets sans ring. Clint and Dina have a daughter together, 16-year-old Morgan who featured in Dina's show along with Francesca - Eastwood's daughter from his relationship with actress Frances Fisher.

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Clint Eastwood’s Words Of Directing Wisdom – Shout Action? Think Again

Clint Eastwood

From cult western hero, to Hollywood A-lister, to renown film director, Clint Eastwood has been a stalwart on the movie scene for decades. And if he’s to be believed, he won’t be gone for a while yet.

"It would be great to be 105 and still making films," Eastwood said, calling that kind of hope "the ultimate optimism." He was expressing his admiration for the 104-year-old Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira. Would we want Eastwood to carry on that long? Of course we would, but before it’s too late, let’s take a look at some of his pearls of wisdom; his directing jewels not to be forgotten. Here they are, courtesy of the Associated Press.

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood - A stalwart for film fans

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Clint Eastwood's Wife Checks Into Rehab For Depression And Anxiety

Clint Eastwood Dina Eastwood

Clint Eastwood's wife Dina Eastwood has checked herself into rehabilitation to help with depression and anxiety. Dina, who stars in her own reality show with Clint's daughter Francesca, entered an exclusive facility in Arizona, according to sources close to family who spoke to

Despite reports, Dina is NOT being treated for substance abuse and simply needs help with the issues stated. Clint and Dina have been married since 1996 and are said to have one of the strongest Hollywood relationships around. They have a 16-year-old daughter, Morgan, who also stars in the popular reality show Mrs Eastwood & Company. 

Dina will no doubt get plenty of encouragement and support from Clint, who's no stranger to the treatment facility field. He's a major donor to a hospital in Monterey, which named its youth program after him. It specializes in teen drug, alcohol and mental health issues. A great cause.

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Eastwood Daughter's Wedding: Alison Marries TV Sculptor In California

Clint Eastwood Alison Eastwood

Clint Eastwood daughter's wedding took place at Saddlepeak Lodge in California this weekend, with Alison Eastwood donning a stunning 1930's inspired beaded gown by Les Habitudes for her nuptials with 'Chainsaw Gang' sculptor Stacy Poitras. The couple's rings were designed by Philip Press.

"We are thrilled to be surrounded by our family for this very special day and appreciate their love and support as we begin our married life together," the happy couple told People magazine. As well as Clint Eastwood, the guests also include Alison's mother Maggie, her jazz musician brother Kyle Eastwood, actor brother Scott Eastwood, sister Kathryn Eastwood, as well as Clint's current wife Dina Eastwood and Poitras's brothers Mark, Matt and Bobby.

The guests dined on a lavish menu that included salmon and elk, though the bride chowed down on a vegetarian meal. Her husband, who stars on the CMT show about artists who make sculptures with chainsaws, met Alison five years ago when she rode her horse to his studio at the Rustic Canyon General Store and Grill in California.

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Ever Wondered Why Bruce Willis Has Never Won An Oscar?

Bruce Willis Clint Eastwood Jeffrey Nachmanoff Jamie Foxx

Bruce Willis, one of the most prolific and profitable actors in Hollywood, has been speaking about his Oscars drought, having never received a sniff of a nomination despite strong turns over the years in the likes of The Sixth Sense, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and The Fifth Element. The actor, currently starting in A Good Day To Die Hard, spoke to GQ magazine about why he thinks he’s never been considered for a golden statuette.

“I don't think about it too much. It just always has seemed whimsical to me, to think about it. You don't get an Oscar for comedy, and you don't get it for shooting people. You get it for novelty, for being fascinating to watch in some character role.” It’s probably agreeable that Willis hasn’t taken many character roles over the years, though perhaps there’s still time for a clearly talented actor to win true critical acclaim. Clint Eastwood - initially regarded as a real journeyman actor - wasn’t nominated for an Oscar until he was 62, though Willis questions whether he has the same staying power. “The middle years to now makes me start to think that there should come a time when I should not work so much. I don't question other actors in their age and what they do; I just think, 'Wow, they're still fucking great.' They're still doing it,” he said.

It’s hard to determine where Willis’ award winning roles – if any – are going to come from in the coming years. He’s set to appear in the Sin City sequel and will star opposite Jamie Foxx in the crime-drama Kane & Lynch about a pair of death-row inmates. A turn in Jeffrey Nachmanoff’s American Assassin is unlikely to bare Oscars riches.

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Golden Girl Francesca Eastwood Is Miss Golden Globe 2013

Francesca Eastwood Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood's daughter, Francesca Eastwood has been named Miss Golden Globe by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). 

But, what's that you say, what is a Miss Golden Globe? Well, it's basically an award-like status handed to the daughter of someone famous who appears at the awards and helps out in the organization of the event in the run up to it. Past Miss Golden Globers have included Rumer Willis (daughter to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), Melanie Griffith (daughter of Peter Griffith and Tippi Hedren) and William Shatner's daughter Lisebeth Shatner. Despite being called Miss Golden Globe, the title isn't awarded singularly to women, as Freddie Prinze Jr. (son of Freddie Prinze) was Miss Golden Globe in 1996, while in 1995 Clark Gable's son John Clark Gable was the Miss. 

Speaking to E! Francesca expressed her excitement and apprehension. "I'm very excited and honored to be part of Hollywood history and to follow in the footsteps of so many amazing [girls]." She said,  "Everybody keeps asking me if I'm nervous-and now I feel like I should be! Maybe for falling over on stage I'm nervous about!" The Golden Globes Awards celebration is set for January 13th 2013. 

Trouble With The Curve Review


With beautiful but bland direction and a script that can't help but overstate everything, this film is an odd misstep for Eastwood and his assistant-turned-director Lorenz. Instead of being an intriguing exploration of ageing, the film isn't much more than a trite inspirational drama. Fortunately the solid cast manages to inject some subtle touches here and there that bring out more interesting layers of the issues at hand.

Eastwood plays Gus, a scout for the Atlanta Braves who refuses to admit that he's going blind. And he's also in trouble with his boss (Lillard), who's more interested in computer stats than Gus' finely honed ability to see the potential in young players. As a final test, Gus is sent to scout a rising-star teen pitcher (Massingill). Meanwhile, Gus' high-powered lawyer daughter Mickey (Adams) is up for partnership in her firm. She can barely stand to be in the same room as her dad, but abandons the biggest case of her career to accompany him and help him see this young player, because she's even more adept at spotting talent than he is. Along the way she meets Johnny (Timberlake), a charming scout who helps take her mind off her work and her dad.

This is one of those films that undemanding audiences will think is just fine. It never expects us to think at all, telling us everything that's happening and how everyone is thinking while dropping painfully obvious hints about where the plot is going. So the film feels shallow and superficial even though it touches on some intriguing themes, such as the difficulties of ageing gracefully and mending relationships, or the challenge to move forward without forgetting the old skills.

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New York's Late Night Audiences Return In Sandy's Wake, For Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel Howard Stern Tracy Morgan Clint Eastwood

The spirit of New Yorkers was in full force last night on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night chat show. Despite having to cancel Monday night’s filming, owing to Hurricane Sandy’s devastating arrival in the city, Kimmel managed to snag himself an audience for Tuesday night’s filming.

Kimmel kicked off the show with a thank you to those who made it out “I was born in Bay Ridge. I grew up in Mill Basin. Tonight, I have returned to save my people from the storm… Thank you for ignoring the local authorities to be here tonight for our first show...Mayor Bloomberg will be here shortly to have you arrested.” It wasn’t just the audience that had ventured across town for the special filming, either. Guests Howard Stern and Tracy Morgan both made it to the studio, though Stern was something of a reluctant attendee, telling the audience “I was begging Jimmy to cancel the show! I'm driving along and I'm trying to get here, and I thought, 'Why am I really trying to be here tonight?'

Jimmy Fallon was also grateful to get a live audience in their seats for his own late night filming. He told last night’s participants “I'm so glad you're here because last night's audience was the worst," Fallon said. "Last night we had to do the show in front of a bunch of empty seats—or as Clint Eastwood calls that, a full house." Sandy may have wreaked destruction across New York – and, of course, beyond – but the entertainment industry is a bullish one and won’t be brought to a halt for very long, as the kings of late night chat shows have proven.

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Meat Loaf Attaches Himself To The 'List Of Celebs Who Support Romney'

Meat Loaf Clint Eastwood Scott Baio Stacey Dash Sylvester Stallone Nicki Minaj

On Thursday night (Oct 25) during a rally for Mitt Romney held in Defiance, Ohio, Meat Loaf came like a bat out of Hell to announce himself as the latest high profile star to show their support for Romney at the upcoming US presidential elections, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The singer/actor opened up his pro-Romney statement by stating: "There has storm clouds come over the United States. There is thunderstorms over Europe. There are hail storms -- and I mean major hail storms -- in the Middle East. There are storms brewing through China, through Asia, through everywhere."

He followed up his broken-English plagued weather report with a few big ups for the Presidential hopeful, before wailing out some bars of 'America the Beautiful.' It still doesn't top Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair for an unprecedented amount of time though.

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Beyoncé Will Sing National Anthem At The 47th Superbowl Half Time Show.

Beyonce Knowles Destiny's Child Jay Z Clint Eastwood Madonna Nicki Minaj

The last time Beyonce performed at the Superbowl was 2004, when she performed the national anthem. Since then, life has changed a lot for her; Destiny's Child broke up, she made an explosive re-entrance as a solo artist, has won countless awards, created an acting career for herself, married Jay-Z and this year has become a mother. Now, to add to her successes she has been asked to perform at next year's 47th Superbowl Half Time Show.

Rumours began when she officially backed out of starring in Clint Eastwood's remake of 'A Star is Born'. She cited scheduling problems and just too much to do, but without anything particularly clear on the horizon, no album, no major films coming up, no album being talked about, fans were a little confused. A source has confirmed to the Associated Press that Beyoncé will be the performer at the half time show, which will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, on February 3rd of next year. There has been no word from Beyoncé or any representative of hers, but we can expect to hear from them on Wednesday.

This year's Superbowl half time show was an extraordinary performance from Madonna alongside a plethora of incredible American performers including Cee Lo Green, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj and LMFAO. 114 million people watched the show, which is more than watched the game, reports the Huffington Post. Hot on everyone's lips at the moment is the discussion of who will be joining Beyoncé in the show.

Lindsay Lohan Backs Romney- To Support The Unemployed?

Lindsay Lohan Barack Obama Clint Eastwood Stacey Dash Gene Simmons Reese Witherspoon Scarlett Johansson Danny Devito

Lindsay Lohan's priorities have, for some years, been something of a mystery. She prioritised drinking over safe driving, she also managed to de-prioritise that odd tradition commonly known as paying-for-stuff when she stole a necklace from an LA jewellers, and recently on Twitter she prioritised tax breaks for people “listed on Forbes as 'millionaires'”. One might think this was a joke, however, she confirmed her change of political heart this week when she told reporters, published on, that “as of now” she would be supporting “Mitt Romney... as of now.”

This is a huge turn around from the 2008 elections in which she ardently supported Barack Obama's campaign. She even requested to volunteer for the campaign, but was rejected because, as one Democratic Aide said, she's just 'not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us' ( To explain her reasons for her changed support, she said “I just think employment is really important right now." Which is certainly a valid point, but somewhat misguided. Plus, it has been reported that she asked for a tax cut from Obama- who rejected her- which points towards slightly more personal reasons for her change of heart.

Other celebrity supporters for the Republican candidate are Stacey Dash, who expressed her support via Twitter and faced a barrage of abuse for it, also music artist Nicki Minaj (who has since revealed that she was joking), Jerry Bruckheimer (responsibly for shows such as CSI and Pirates of the Caribbean), Gene Simmons, Donald Trump, Chuck Norris and lifelong Republican Clint Eastwood.

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As Beyonce Quits Clint Eastwood Movie; Can Anyone Else Keep The Project Afloat?

Beyonce Knowles Clint Eastwood Bradley Cooper Barbra Streisand Judy Garland

There have, to date, been three versions of 'A Star is Born' the first in 1937, the second in 1954 and the most recent came out in 1976, and all have been wildly successful. The recipe for success seems to be in having an extraordinary leading lady, with Judy Garland starring in the 1954 version, and Barbara Streisand the latter, the biggest stars with the strongest and most distinctive voices of their time, there is no question as to why Clint Eastwood would want Beyonce to be the leading lady in the newest proposed adaptation of the classic film. He must now be devastated as she's pulled out of the project-for a second time.

The premise of every film is a female rising star, taken on by a veteran in the business, who sees his own career decline with the career of the 'rising star' rockets. The main problem this project is facing seems to be finding the right leading stars. The casting crew has been through a long list of Hollywood's greats, but left without much, and now with Beyonce's premature exit they're left with nothing. Bradley Cooper has been cited as a hot favourite for the role that would have been opposite Beyonce.

In Beyonce cites a jampacked schedule for her abdication from the role. She said: 'I was looking forward to the production of A Star Is Born and the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood. For months we tried to coordinate our schedules to bring this remake to life but it was just not possible. Hopefully in the future we will get a chance to work together.' However, some critics have questioned whether political differences have pushed Beyonce and Eastwood apart, as the former has been vocal in her backing of democrat Barack Obama, whereas Eastwood is a life-long republican.

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Beyonce Steps Down From Clint Eastwood’s A Star Is Born

Beyonce Knowles Clint Eastwood Janet Gaynor Judy Garland Barbra Streisand Esperanza Spalding

Beyonce’s role in the latest remake of A Star Is Born, directed by Clint Eastwood, is no more, due to scheduling issues, reports E! Online.

“I was looking forward to the production of A Star Is Born and the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood," Beyonce said in a statement to E! News. "For months we tried to coordinate our schedules to bring this remake to life but it was just not possible. Hopefully in the future we will get a chance to work together." So it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Clint, who has been busy with his latest flick, Trouble With the Curve, which didn’t really do that well at the Box Office. "We've talked to several people, and we probably won't address that one till next year," Eastwood explained to E! at the premiere of his recent film. "Early next year,” he added.

The 1937 original had rising star Janet Gaynor falling in love with Frederic March. In 1954, Judy Garland rose and in 1976, Barbra Streisand found her voice with the help of Kris Kristofferson. Eastwood is said to be eyeing jazz star Esperanza Spalding as a replacement, but wants to secure a male lead before approaching female stars. As of yet, there is no date for the film, which is allegedly another reason for Beyonce’s withdrawal.

Trouble With The Curve - Trailer Trailer

Gus Lobel is one of the most formidable baseball talent scouts around, however his age starts to fail him in his career as his eyesight deteriorates and he is unable to focus properly on the Atlanta Braves games he goes to watch. Worried about his health and career, his long-time boss and good friend enlists Lobel's daughter to accompany her father on what is to be the last talent scouting trip of his career. Mickey Lobel has never had a strong relationship with her father, since he was unable to look after her alone following the death of her mother. Nonetheless, she compromises her high status lawyer job and agrees to keep an eye on Gus, despite his protests. On the way, Mickey meets Gus's friend Johnny Flanagan; a former baseball player and aspiring talent scout who looks up to Gus and takes an interest in the beautiful Mickey. Much is to be discovered for everyone on this journey as it becomes less about baseball and more about truth, love and family.

'Trouble with the Curve' serves as the first film that Clint Eastwood has starred in without being the director since 1993 when he appeared in 'In the Line of Fire'. It is directed by Robert Lorenz in his directorial debut (though he has previously worked as an assistant director on various blockbusters) and written by Randy Brown. It is set for release on November 30th 2012.

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Matthew Lillard, Chelcie Ross, Raymond Anthony Thomas, Ed Lauter, Clifton Guterman, George Wyner, Bob Gunton, Jack Gilpin, Scott Eastwood & Tom Dreesen.

Gyllenhaal’s ‘End Of Watch’ Comes From Nowhere To Top Box Office

Jake Gyllenhaal Michael Pena Clint Eastwood David Ayer Jennifer Lawrence George Clooney

Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘End of Watch’ came from nowhere to top the U.S box office, though it was another disappointing week for the movie industry. The Los Angeles cop tale – also starring Michael Pena debuted with $13.2 million to finish at No.1, according to the Associated Press.

Gyllenhaal’s latest movie had been neck-and-neck with Jennifer Lawrence’s horror film ‘House of the End of the Street’ and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Trouble With the Curve’, though powered ahead on Sunday. Eastwood’s recent appearance at the Republican National Convention probably did little to help the baseball flick’s chances – his speech was roundly mocked online, though the film also received lukewarm reviews, at best. The box office result is great news for Gyllenhaal, director David Ayer and Open Road Films, who made the police drama for just $7 million. It follows two Los Angeles Police Department officers who work in South Central L.A and was lauded by critics. The New York Times called it, “a muscular, maddening exploitation movie embellished with art-house style and anchored by solid performances.”

Despite End Of Watch’s success, the U.S. box office continues to slow dramatically. To put the latest figures into perspective – on the same weekend in 2010, George Clooney’s ‘The American’ also took $13 million, though it was only good enough for sixth place.

'End Of The Watch' Tops Another Slow U.S Box Office Weekend

Jake Gyllenhaal Clint Eastwood Bruce Willis Joseph Gordon-Levitt

As the U.S. Box Office slumbers on into the autumn, the figures needed to top the charts are getting ever smaller. However, whilst that makes it largely a head-in-hands experience for many of the studios behind these movies, for those who enjoy waiting to see what the top five's looking like each Monday it's making for exciting watching as smaller figures mean smaller margins between films. Case in point was this weekend where the winner wasn't announced until today (September 24th), with the unfancied Jake Gyllenhaal-starring End Of Watch beating out the more fancied horror House At The End Of The Street and Clint Eastwood's film Trouble With The Curve.

End Of Watch was a victory for independent film studios too, with Open Road Films beating out Relatively Media and Warner Bros to top spot; they'll not care one jot that they took a meager $13.2 million. The other two films will be a little more concerned that they took only $12.2 million and $12.1 million respectively however.

Reflecting on his film's seemingly surprise victory, Open Road Films' Tom Ortenberg commented "We always knew we were going to outperform expectations, and I believe the film will have long legs."Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis will be hoping to wake up the Box Office from the doldrums this coming weekend.

Box Office Roundup: Time To Judge Dredd 3D

Clint Eastwood Jake Gyllenhaal

The North American Box office has faced a tough month, with figures now 20 per cent lower than they were last year. Clint Eastwood is just one of the big names that hit screens this weekend, so how did they all do?

Well Eastwood’s latest foray with Trouble With The Curve proved unsuccessful on its first weekend, currently sitting in third place based on the latest figures available. The baseball flick only managed $12,720,000, which pales in insignificance to the top two films, still vying for this weekend’s top spot. End Of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and House at the End of the Street are both currently locking horns on $13m, so either could come out top once the final figures are released. It was thought that Eastwood’s name alone could draw in the crowds to take it top, that and his infamous empty chair routine and recent publically stated political views, but it didn’t do the trick for the Western Star.

Elsewhere, comic book remake Dredd 3D couldn’t beat a re-release of Disney film, Finding Nemo, even if it was a 3D version of the lovably fishy tale. The futuristic sci-fi action flick only managed $6,300,000, which is a paltry return considering its high budget. The low ranking will represent troubling news for both Dredd 3D producers and film industry people in general, as cinema attendances are reaching worrying lows.

Justin Timberlake Not Rushing New Music Release

Justin Timberlake Clint Eastwood Amy Adams Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake has admitted that he is in no rush to release any new music, admitting that he is concentrating almost solely on his acting career.

Speaking to press at the premier of his new film Trouble With The Curve, in which he stars alongside Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams, Timberlake admitted that he has no plans to return to the studio any time soon. The 31-year-old entertainer, whose last album FutureSex/LoveSounds was released in 2006, told reporters that he doesn't feel as though he has the right material to make a new album with and for the time being will concentrate on his acting.

The newly engaged star has recently been painting Vegas and later the Mexican city Cabo San Lucas red as he celebrated his engagement to Jessica Biel with a Rat Pack-themed bachelor party. The two are allegedly planning to tie the knot in October this year somewhere in Italy, with Jess supposedly planning every detail of the special day.

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Box Office Preview: Can ‘Dredd 3D’ Stop The Slump?

Paul Thomas Anderson Philip Seymour Hoffman Joaquin Phoenix Clint Eastwood Jake Gyllenhaal Emma Watson

With some big titles being released this weekend, many would be forgiven for thinking it’ll be a successful few days for the North American Box Office, but all indications point to another disappointing haul for film studios.

Lionsgate's comic-book adaptation Dredd 3D will be unleashed off the back of some positive reviews, but given a summer of Marvel action, it’s unlikely that the Judge will pull in the audiences required to boost figures. Also released, and probably the most high profile release of the weekend is The Master, although the Paul Thomas Anderson Scientology drama was given a limited release in New York and Hollywood already. Perhaps the acting prowess of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix will attract cinema goers, but indications aren’t good. Figures should total in the high-$90 millions through Sunday, which would be off from this time last year by as much as 20%, a bigger drop than any of the past three weekends.

Elsewhere, Clint Eastwood’s baseball flick Trouble With The Curve might gleam some extra attention due to the Western star’s infamous Empty Chair routine, and his other public political opinions. Then again, they might not. Relativity Media's thriller House at the End of the Street, End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Watson’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower round off this weekends big releases in cinema.

Trouble With The Eyes? Clint Eastwood Talks To More Objects In New Movie

Clint Eastwood Barack Obama Seth Macfarlane

Clint Eastwood is set to star in a new movie Trouble with the Curve that has the actor talking to further inanimate objects following his infamous Obama-chair speech.

The multi-Oscar winning actor and director will play an ageing baseball talent scout who is out of touch with technology and modern society and is suffering from deteriorating eyesight which he desperately tries to hide, despite the frequent dents that keep mysteriously appearing all over his car. The actor is an outspoken conservative who recently incited a lot of sniggering from left wing supporters by interrogating an empty chair (who he pretended had Barack Obama sat in it) about its policies at the Republican National Convention in support of Mitt Romney. Although it was intended as a slur on the President of the United States, it was quick to be made fun of; most notably on the opening episode of the new season of Saturday Night Live. The show, guest hosted by Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, saw Bill Hadar impersonate Eastwood in a spoof republican speech.

Clint’s not letting it get to him though, and insists he “liked” the impression. He told E! News at the Trouble with the Curve premiere: “It was good. Hader has me down pretty good.” It wasn’t the first time he was reminded of the incident, however, as one member of the press noticed 16 empty seats nearby at the L.A. showing which Eastwood seemed to find hilarious. The movie has more tongue-in-cheek moments than originally intended now, as the actor is seen talking to his penis at the beginning of the movie, some Spam, a gravestone and his car later. Perhaps, he finds stationary objects easier to have a conversation with than the left wing supporters of America’s President.

Empty Chairs Return To Haunt Clint Eastwood At 'Trouble With The Curve' Premiere

Clint Eastwood Bill Hader Robert Lorenz

Clint Eastwood isn't going to be living down his now infamous empty chair speech at the recent Republican convention any time soon. The venerable actor and director spoke at an event to show his support for the Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and opted to have an imaginary conversation with an (of course absent) President Barack Obama. The images of Eastwood talking to an empty chair have become internet meme sensations, whilst impressions have adorned television screens worldwide, culminating in actor Bill Hader doing his own version on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

You'd think he'd be safe at the premiere of his latest film though but apparently not. The 82 year-old appeared at the showing of Trouble With The Curve and walked past the press, only to have it pointed out that there were 16 chairs being carried behind him. Eastwood took the reference pointed out to him in his stride, laughing "Oh my God, yes."

The chairs were only set dressing for the stage, but Eastwood had it made clear that he didn't want to answer any questions about his speech whilst at the premiere. Reflecting on its impact on the film, director Robert Lorenz pondered "I don't know. Some people may come and some people may not because of it. But, in the end, it's not a political movie. Myself, the other cast (members), we all have different political ideas. We all came together and put those aside. So, I hope people treat it as such."

Can Clint Eastwood Score A Home Run With 'Trouble With The Curve'?

Clint Eastwood Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence

It looks as though Clint Eastwood has hit a home run with his latest movie ‘Trouble With the Curve.’ It’s the first time that Clint has starred in a movie directed by anyone other than his good self, since 1993’s In the Line of Fire and Trouble With The Curve sees him playing the role of an ageing baseball scout trying to reconcile his relationship with his daughter (played by Amy Adams). It’s an easy-to-swallow, conventional story and should grab the attention of middle-America, who have hopefully managed to forget Clint’s bizarre ‘empty chair’ performance at the recent Republican Convention.

Reviews of the new Clint Eastwood movie have so far been encouraging. Clint gives a strong performance of a man struggling with the effects that the passing of time has on his physical existence and “Amy Adams makes a good match as the career-driven daughter with festering resentment,” according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy. Variety’s Justin Chang is equally complementary of the lead actors’ on-screen chemistry: “Robert Lorenz's square but sturdy directing debut rests on the wonderfully spiky chemistry between Eastwood and Amy Adams as a testy old scout and his equally strong-willed daughter.”

Trouble With the Curve opens tomorrow (September 21, 2012) and somewhat ironically, given the public response to the Clint Eastwood speech at the Republican Convention, it looks as though his political dabblings may have upped the profile for the movie. Reuters report that the film is now among the top five best-selling advance tickets for this coming weekend. It faces competition at the box office from Jennifer Lawrence’s new horror movie The House At The End of The Street and the Judge Dredd movie, Dredd 3D.

Empty Chair Fiasco Could Help New Clint Eastwood Film, ‘Trouble With The Curve’

Clint Eastwood Jennifer Lawrence

Before Clint Eastwood’s infamous ‘empty chair’ routine at the Republican National Convention in August, Trouble With The Curve may have sailed under the radar, but given Eastwood’s recent high profile actions, we could see a surprise package at the box office for the baseball flick.

"Clint has the ability to surprise," editor Phil Contrino told Reuters. "'Gran Torino,' the last film he starred in, shocked everyone with what it did at the box office. His audience is mostly conservative anyway so I don't think his chair speech at the RNC is going to hurt ticket sales. If anything it will help him because more people are talking about him." Based on social media, with Facebook and Twitter the primary indicators, the people at predict that Trouble With The Curve, along with new horror movie release House at the End of the Street starring Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, will be fighting it out for first place at the North American box office.

Eastwood's speech "certainly has raised awareness of Clint and therefore the movie, and that may translate into bigger-than-expected numbers for the film," said Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst at "Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not movie-goers base their ticket-buying decisions on extraneous forces such as a star's extra-curricular activities," he added. Well there you go folks, frank, right leaning political outbursts can land you ticket sales. We’ll see if that kind of stuff actually works for politics come election day, won’t we, Mitt?

Clint Eastwood On Gay Marriage: What Does He Think?

Clint Eastwood Ellen Degeneres

Clint Eastwood on gay marriage was one of the most interesting segments of the western star’s recently appearance on Ellen Degeneres daytime talk show. Despite aligning himself with Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign – a man known for his staunch anti-gay marriage views – Eastwood surprised come commentators with his own opinion.

The actor-director essentially told Ellen that whoever you choose to marry should be none of the government’s business, asserting, “It’s a part of the libertarian idea: Leave everybody alone!” Eastwood went on to suggest that the United States were facing serious problems – most notably the economic situation – and that politicians were wasting much too time discussing gay marriage, saying, “The condition of society right now with the high unemployment rates, and the tremendous debt increasing, and the government spending, you’d think there’d be a lot to think about, except worrying about what gay marriage is about.” The actor has always been known as a libertarian, rather than a Republican, and his comments reiterate his belief about gay marriage which he first made public during an interview with GQ in 2011. On that occasion he said he didn’t “give a f*ck” if a gay couple wanted to marry. So that’s that, then.

The actor – who most recently helmed the big-screen biopic ‘J Edgar’ – was the subject of internet mocking last week after his infamous speech at the Republican convention. During an interview with Extra TV, Eastwood had little sympathy for Mitt Romney – whose campaign he is said to have harmed with his skit – saying, “If somebody’s dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention and say something, they’re gonna have to take what they get.”

Clint Eastwood Talks Politics Again; Gives Romney The Cold Shoulder

Clint Eastwood Barack Obama

Clint Eastwood has been talking politics again, and this time he actually criticised Mitt Romney, the man he so publically backed last time he made a foray into public politics, reports The New York Daily News.

“If somebody's dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention and say something, they're gonna have to take what they get," he said of Romney, whilst acknowledging that his performance last time didn’t go down that well. “People loved it or hated it and that’s fine,” he said. “That’s what it was supposed to be.” We’re still trying to work out exactly what that means. Eastwood wasn’t all doom on gloom on his chosen presidential candidate saying that hoped Romney would “be a little more organized, a little more business-wise”

On Obama, who recently stated his admiration for the controversial 82-year old Western star, Eastwood had nice things to say. Not nice, just, things: “Well, great. Well, I think he can be very gracious when he wants to be. That’s fine,” Eastwood said. “And I have no problem with him at all. I just have a problem with the situation that we’re in right now. It’s nothing personal,” he added “When he came in, I thought it was great. I thought the multiculturalism, multiracialism was great, all that kind of stuff. But to me, it’s just about the work,” he concluded. So, it’s good to see he supports Multiracialism as long as the work gets done. Yeah?

Video - Clint Eastwood Waves As He Leaves A Beverly Hills Medical Building

Actor, director and producer Clint Eastwood leaves a medical building in Beverly Hills. He waves at photographers and thanks them for wishing him a nice day.

The 81-year-old has achieved immense success in his films. For his 1992 western 'Unforgiven' he won several awards including an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The similarly successful 'Million Dollar Baby' also won him another Oscar and Golden Globe as well as being nominated for a Grammy. Clint is set to star in the upcoming drama film 'Trouble with the Curve' which is set for release in September 2012 in the US

J. Edgar Review

Very Good
Exquisitely designed and directed, with finely tuned performances that shine even through some heavy make-up, this true story never quite succeeds in conveying its central relationship. Sure, repression is the point, but passion would have made the film heartbreaking rather than just sad.

John Edgar Hoover (DiCaprio) was only 29 when he became director of the Bureau of Investigation (later the FBI), and he ruled supreme until his death in 1972, holding eight US presidents in the palm of his hand with his notorious files of personal secrets. But he also had loyal friends, including his secretary Helen (Watts) and his right-hand man Clyde (Hammer). As a young man, his mother (Dench) instilled in him a hatred of liberalism and homosexuality, so his enemies included Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy (Donovan) and himself.

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J. Edgar Trailer

Anna Marie Hoover, like any mother, knew that her young son, John Edgar, would grow up to accomplish great things. But she did not expect that he would grow up to become the FBI's first director.

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Hereafter Review

Eastwood's skilfully unrushed direction merges with Morgan's astute, thoughtful screenplay to create a thoroughly unusual film that holds our interest with a provocative, beautifully played exploration of mortality.

George (Damon) has a gift: he can see into the afterlife and help people communicate with their lost loved ones. But he feels it's more like a curse.

Meanwhile in Paris, star journalist Marie (De France) has just recovered from a near-death experience. Instead of working on her planned biography of Mitterand, she instead starts investigating why accounts of after-death experiences are so shunned. And in London, pre-teen Marcus is looking for ways to communicate with recently deceased twin (they're played by Frankie and George McLaren).

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Hereafter Trailer

What becomes of the human soul after our time in this life had ended? A lot of people who lose a loved one find themselves asking that very question, and further they wish to know that their loved one is safe in the afterlife.

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Invictus Trailer

Watch the trailer for Invictus

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Changeling Review


Fit snug into the mother superior of self-reflexive roles, Angelina Jolie once again finds herself the eye of the storm in Clint Eastwood's epic melodrama Changeling. Armed with her thick, crimson lips, period duds, and that ever-present cloche, Jolie goes all gooey as Christine Collins, a single mother who finds herself a media fulcrum when she denies that a boy returned to her by the LAPD is Walter, her son who had been kidnapped five months prior.

Based on a catastrophic piece of the infamous Wineville Chicken-Coop Murders, which ran from 1928 to 1930, and the ensuing trials that yielded a major ousting of the LAPD's top tier and almost no real answers, Changeling is an exceedingly visual film yet one that lacks confidence in its imagery, relying too often on clunky language and an unsteady lead performance. This is no loose adaptation of actual events: Collins fought against the terminally-corrupt LAPD for years, became a martyr for forced institutionalization, and kept her job as a roller-skating switchboard operator while continuing the search for her lost boy. That's no small feat for a lone woman in the late 20s/early 30s.

After taking the boy the LAPD presented home, Collins begins to document inaccuracies between the delivered boy and her son, only to be brushed off by Captain J.J. Jones (Jeffrey Donovan), the man in charge of the investigation. Support comes in the form of Reverend Gustav Briegleb (John Malkovich), a flamboyant radio preacher who's been hounding the LAPD for years. When Collins finally takes her story to the media, it's Gustav who starts yelling for her return as she is forced into a psychiatric hospital with a gaggle of mistreated women, the most vocal of whom is played by Amy Ryan.

In its third act, Eastwood switches focus to the trial and execution of Gordon Northcott (Jason Butler Harner), the man who kidnapped and slaughtered over 20 children on his ranch in Wineville, one of which was Collins' son. The introduction of Northcott disrupts the tone and mood of the film, stumbling from feminist parable to legal drama. It does permit a final scene between Collins and Northcott, allowing Jolie a final, enraged plea for closure: It's later revealed that Walter might have escaped Northcott's ranch, a fact that's meant to bolster an infuriating feel-good ending.

Changeling, like most of Eastwood's excellent latter-day work, is a classy affair, but one of technical weight rather than dramatic. Shot by Tom Stern, the brilliant cinematographer who has been working with Eastwood since 2002's Blood Work, the director's latest is covered in dehydrated colors and beautifully scored by Eastwood himself with lilting pianos and blustery strings. While Jolie overplays her scorned mother, the supporting cast blends in beautifully, especially Donovan's complexly-composited policeman and Malkovich's propulsive, lively clergyman. Schematically unstable, it's J. Michael Straczynski's woozy script that proves the film's most incapable cog, handling its cerebral and narrative shifts with the subtlety of a race car hitting a speed bump.

At a hulking 141-minute runtime, Changeling suffers from more than its fair share of showy moments, none more egregious than when momma bear profanely tells off the head of the psychiatric hospital. Eastwood's direction is proficient, but he finds it impossible for his actress and his aesthetics to coalesce. Unable to internalize the drama, Jolie engulfs every scene with an utterance of "I want my son back!," often cheapening the meticulous production design, courtesy of the talented James J. Murakami. It's a gaudy, showboat performance, trading nuance and grace for simple presence; I'll eat a small fishing boat if she doesn't get an Oscar nomination. British director Michael Winterbottom tempered Jolie the starlet as another single mother left as residue after a media-centric tragedy in A Mighty Heart by centering on the procedure of retrieval. With Eastwood, however, Jolie's weeping caterwaul reduces a firebrand of corrupt politics into a work of enthused pageantry.

First we're gonna catch this Zodiac guy, then we'll find your boy.

Letters From Iwo Jima Trailer

Letters From Iwo Jima

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Mystic River Review

Around this time of year, select projects start entering theaters powered by an invisible yet completely tangible force known as Awards Buzz. Mystic River, Clint Eastwood's adaptation of Dennis Lehane's textured novel, enjoys such clout, and with good reason. For his 24th directorial effort, the Hollywood legend assembles an impressive cast and marries them to a hefty and literate screenplay by Oscar-winner Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential). Then, in typical Clint fashion, he challenges his actors to claw out from underneath his heavy-handed direction.

Some manage, but most do not, and River drowns in tedium and cumbersome symbolism as a result. The 73-year-old Eastwood remains a meat-and-potatoes filmmaker. He's not afraid to take chances when selecting material, but his no-nonsense approach regardless of the content dooms this and other projects to a static and mind-numbingly wearisome state.

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The Dead Pool Review

The fifth and last of the Dirty Harry movies, The Dead Pool may not be the best in the series, but it's probably the funniest. Thanks to Evan Kim's reluctant "Chinese-American partner," Patricia Clarkson's tough reporter, and Liam Neeson's egomaniacal Brit movie director, The Dead Pool is at least populated with memorable supporting characters. The story -- involving a betting pool involving which San Francisco celebrities are going to die (who then start getting murdered) -- is a bit trite, but at 91 minutes, it doesn't get in the way of lots of old-fashioned shootin'.
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