Clint Eastwood was in attendance last night as Mitt Romney accepted the role of the Republican US political party's runner for the Presidential election this coming November, but though he was there to give his support to the new candidate, the speech he gave didn't quite have the required impact that party members might've hoped, with the veteran director and actor's speech leaving a variety of Twitter commentators confused.
Bbc reports that, at one point, Eastwood turned to an empty chair and began to have what appeared to be an imaginary conversation with current President Barack Obama. His team have come out in defence of the slightly odd move, saying "Judging an American icon like Clint Eastwood through a typical political lens doesn't work," and claiming his contribution had been "a break from all the political speeches". However, there were more than a few critics at the odd spectacle. Mia Farrow asked "What Was that thing Clint Eastwood just did? How could they let it happen?" on Twitter, whilst Maroon 5's Adam Levine suggested Eastwood had gone "nutterbutters". That must be an insult aimed at his group's child demographic.
Another criticism from the Hollywood community came from British comic Simon Pegg, who said "Apparently Clint Eastwood had an argument with an empty chair regarding its political standpoint." It looks like if Eastwood was the man the Republicans were hoping for to get the movie industry onside, they might well have shot themselves in the foot.