It was a case of The Good, The Bad and the Empty Chair for Clint Eastwood at yesterday's Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, as the veteran actor and director opened up the convention for MITT ROMNEY's supporters with a rambling monologue featuring him speaking to an empty chair.

One of America's most beloved and respected Republicans kicked off the final night of the RNC with a dialogue which proved to be a rather sizeable misfire for those leading the opposition against BARRACK OBAMA. In what many agree was nothing short of a mad ramble from the silver screen icon, whilst some of the audience laughed with Clint, many were laughing at him.

The shtick featured Eastwood using an empty chair to represent President Obama, but whilst some grinned as he slammed the "national disgrace" that was Obama's four years in office; the pressure clearly went straight over the president's head. The President posted a picture of himself on Twitter during the speech, featuring himself sat on a chair marked 'The President,' with the caption: 'This seat's taken.'

Politicians from within the party criticised the routine, with Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin, saying that he "cringed" at the routine. Even Romney's wife, Ann Romney wasn't completely taken by the routine, as she spoke to Good Morning America the following day and whilst she thanked Clint fore his support, she was quick to move on from the subject. At least Mitt looked like he enjoyed it.

So, with 'Eastwooding' now an online phenomenon, with thousand of pictures featuring people gesturing towards empty chairs, the pressure is on the DNC to come up with something even more memorable. Let's just hope it doesn't take another screen icon making a fool of himself to get there.