Clint Eastwood is considering a return to acting in 'Trouble With The Curve'.

The 81-year-old star - who has recently turned his hand to directing 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'Gran Torino' - is reportedly taking a serious look at the movie, which tells the story of an ageing baseball scout who has lost his eyesight but sets out on one last trip with his daughter to watch an upcoming star.

The Warner Bros. film is set to be directed by Robert Lorenz, who worked with the actor on 'Mystic River' and 'Blood Work', while The Script has been written by Randy Brown, reports.

Clint - who previously claimed his last acting role would be in 2008's 'Gran Torino', where he took up the role of lead character Walt Kowalski - recently admitted he would consider playing the next James Bond.

He said: "I would act if the right role came along. But I'm not looking to do it because there are not that many great roles that would be something different for me to play, to conquer.

"I don't know, I never say never, like James Bond or something."

Clint's next movie endeavour is 'J. Edgar', which he directed, and a remake of 'A Star is Born' alongside Beyonce Knowles, but that is thought to have been delayed because she is pregnant.