Clint Eastwood is obsessed with a squirrel called Lola.

The 'J. Edgar' director came across his furry friend on the Warner Bros. movie lot in Los Angeles, California, and now insists on leaving the door of his office open when he is working so that Lola can stop by whenever she wants.

A source said: "Clint leaves The Front door open whenever he's inside working so Lola can come and go. He gets a kick out of watching her and always keeps a bag of shelled peanuts on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in case she gets hungry. Clint would be so upset if Lola disappeared. He enjoys her company."

Clint is not the only celebrity to love animals, Paris Hilton ordered a petting zoo for her birthday party last year.

The miniature menagerie featured a lynx, porcupine, squirrel monkey and sloth for guests to meet and was the blonde beauty's first stop when she arrived at 11pm.

A source said: "Paris loved the animals and made sure that the handlers were humane before she worked with them. She asked a lot of questions about their care."