Before Clint Eastwood’s infamous ‘empty chair’ routine at the Republican National Convention in August, Trouble With The Curve may have sailed under the radar, but given Eastwood’s recent high profile actions, we could see a surprise package at the box office for the baseball flick.

"Clint has the ability to surprise," editor Phil Contrino told Reuters. "'Gran Torino,' the last film he starred in, shocked everyone with what it did at the box office. His audience is mostly conservative anyway so I don't think his chair speech at the RNC is going to hurt ticket sales. If anything it will help him because more people are talking about him." Based on social media, with Facebook and Twitter the primary indicators, the people at predict that Trouble With The Curve, along with new horror movie release House at the End of the Street starring Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, will be fighting it out for first place at the North American box office.

Eastwood's speech "certainly has raised awareness of Clint and therefore the movie, and that may translate into bigger-than-expected numbers for the film," said Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst at "Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not movie-goers base their ticket-buying decisions on extraneous forces such as a star's extra-curricular activities," he added. Well there you go folks, frank, right leaning political outbursts can land you ticket sales. We’ll see if that kind of stuff actually works for politics come election day, won’t we, Mitt?