Clint Eastwood is set to star in a new movie Trouble with the Curve that has the actor talking to further inanimate objects following his infamous Obama-chair speech.

The multi-Oscar winning actor and director will play an ageing baseball talent scout who is out of touch with technology and modern society and is suffering from deteriorating eyesight which he desperately tries to hide, despite the frequent dents that keep mysteriously appearing all over his car. The actor is an outspoken conservative who recently incited a lot of sniggering from left wing supporters by interrogating an empty chair (who he pretended had Barack Obama sat in it) about its policies at the Republican National Convention in support of Mitt Romney. Although it was intended as a slur on the President of the United States, it was quick to be made fun of; most notably on the opening episode of the new season of Saturday Night Live. The show, guest hosted by Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, saw Bill Hadar impersonate Eastwood in a spoof republican speech.

Clint’s not letting it get to him though, and insists he “liked” the impression. He told E! News at the Trouble with the Curve premiere: “It was good. Hader has me down pretty good.” It wasn’t the first time he was reminded of the incident, however, as one member of the press noticed 16 empty seats nearby at the L.A. showing which Eastwood seemed to find hilarious. The movie has more tongue-in-cheek moments than originally intended now, as the actor is seen talking to his penis at the beginning of the movie, some Spam, a gravestone and his car later. Perhaps, he finds stationary objects easier to have a conversation with than the left wing supporters of America’s President.