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Good Stuff
Single Review

Clor Good Stuff Single

Once, in the annals of time, there was this band called The Beta Band, they had this song 'Dry The Rain' which pretty much invented a new strand of indie music which everyone loved and tried to copy. Trouble is, it was so good, that not even they could match it.

Fast forward and this band Clor shuffle along like a disco pop Beta Band, high on Pritt Stick and cherryade. They've got this song 'Love & Pain', it's good. So good in fact that everyone plays it over and over for about six months. Trouble is, that everyone loves it so much that no other song they make will ever be as good. Which is a shame cos this here 'Good Stuff' is just that- a dirty slice of
scuzzed up indie jangle disco pop to sink your teeth into...which will, unfortunately, never escape the shadow of its indie disco mega hit predecessor. Damn popularity!

John McGee

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