Clouds re-formed over CNN reporter Fareed Zakaria on Wednesday after a former Newsweek magazine senior editor disclosed that he wrote an introduction for a 2010 special standalone issue on the environment that was published under Zakaria's byline. The former editor, Jerry Adler, told the New York Observer that he had been informed "through channels" before he wrote the five-paragraph commentary that the piece would go out under Zakaria's name. Such an arrangement is not uncommon, former Time managing editor Jim Kelly suggested in an interview with the newspaper. "My first job at Time magazine [in the 1970s] was, in fact, writing the publisher's letter. The publisher signed it, Jack Myers, he couldn't have been more pleasant. I went to meet him the first week, and he said 'No, just make me sound good, kid.' The publisher never wrote the letter." Last week Zakaria acknowledged that he had unintentionally plagiarized a paragraph for a CNN commentary from an article written by Jill Lepore in the New Yorker. But Tony Emerson, a former managing editor of Newsweek International , told the Observer that the latest incident doesn't involve "an issue of plagiarism, per se. ... This is an issue of -- whose byline was it?"