The late actor Sherman Hemsley's body remains unburied after a fight over who gets the actor's remains continue with no end looking like it's in sight. Hemsley has now been unburied for a month, and it's something his long-time partner em>Flora Enchinton quite rightly told CNN was "disgraceful". She added. "It is sad. This was a man with dignity."
The man did have dignity; Hemsley played George Jefferson, one of the most loved characters on American TV, playing the role in All In The Family and The Jeffersons. A will signed by Hemsley on June 13th, a month after he was diagnosed with cancer, named Enchinton as executor and left his entire estate to her, according to court papers. The issue is that there is a man claiming to be Hemsley's brother who is asking for his remains and possessions. Enchinton says about him, "I have never heard of a so-called brother named of Richard Thornton in the 20 years I have known Sherman. This is not what Sherman would have wanted."
Continuing, she added "Sherman left very worried about me, about me staying alone, what was going to happen to me, being alone if he was gone. That's what worried him the most. I guess maybe he sensed what was going to happen. It just gives me these emotions and feelings (that) all of a sudden there's these people that have never known anything about our life, about who we are, about what we're all about, about what we endured." Maybe so, but until it's resolved, Hemsley is being kept in a funeral refrigerator in El Paso.