Review of Adulthood Album by CocknBullKid

The Hackney girl with a bit of fresh attitude appears to have gone through a transformation for the album 'Adulthood'. The album screams out current pop trends, and tells the woeful tales of a London girl in her twenties.

CocknBullKid Adulthood Album

Whilst there is no debate that the new take on CocknBullKid is far more melodic, there is a definite change in attitude. 'Adulthood' may very well be a self indulgent view of the scary world. Being only in her twenties, Anita Blay AKA CocknBullKid, is at that age where you are discovering just how tough life can be out there on your own.

With lyrics being a bit dramatic and self indulgent at times, they are whipped up into sweet melodies. 'Yellow' and 'Distraction' stand out as well thought out and catchy, both tracks will certainly put a spring in your step.

Tracks such as 'Hold On To Your Misery' have the real potential to be a bit depressing and self pitiful. Yet the way this track is delivered means that it comes out as a confessional self help song - 'Hold on to your insecurities
I need them and they need me'. Creativity from misery and pain?

'Asthma Attack' still seems an odd analogy to me, and not really one to be expected. However the track has everything a radio friendly tune should. It has a hook, it lifts you up, and

Yes it's all gone very mainstream, and although it could be argued that CocknBullKid has sold out to popular music, in actual fact she may have just grown up. Anita Blay comes across as far more sophisticated, polished, and certainly wise to the game. Most of these tracks are mainstream pop, and therefore radio friendly. She has achieved pop without falling into the trap of being too bland, and who knows, she could eventually blend the two styles.

Laura Johnstone

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