Coco Austin is ''freaking out'' about having a baby.

The 'Ice and Coco' star - who is expecting her first child with rapper Ice-T - hopes having a baby at 36-years-old will inspire other women her age to become mothers.

She said: ''There's a lot of first-time women out there that are just like me who are freaking out about having babies and having kids and sometimes they wait so long that they don't have children so I want to set the record clear of what I'm going through so maybe someone can go, 'Maybe it's not so bad' or 'Maybe I just need to make it happen.'''

And Coco has insisted she has ''always known'' she wanted a baby at this age.

Writing in a blog post for E! News about their little girl, who they will name Chanel: ''I always knew from the bottom of my heart--since I was a little girl all the way till now - that I wanted to have a child at 35 years old. But I always got mixed signals.

''Most people say 35 is too old and I should start having them earlier and I believe your 20s are your wild times. I call it your Spring Break years. And then you move into yours 30s and in your 30s, you should come to know what you want out of life.''