Coco Austin always intended to get pregnant when she was 35.

The blonde reality star - who turned 36 in March - is expecting her first child with husband Ice-T and conceived within two months of stopping contraception.

She said: ''When I got with him, I was like 35 is the number.

''I was on the pill for 17 years. I got off the pill and was like 'Hey, how are we going to do this?' and they said it usually takes a year to regulate your body.''

The 57-year-old rapper-and-actor - who has two grown-up children from past relationships - claims he always knew his wife would get pregnant quickly.

He told E! News: ''BAM! I told her I could dial in twins if she wanted it.

''People were like, 'Why isn't she having a baby' and she was on the pill. She doesn't want to have one yet.''

The 'Ice & Coco' star - who married Ice in 2001 - feels very lucky that her pregnancy has been ''easy breezy'' so far.

She said: ''I have to say it's been really easy breezy. I hate saying that because...a lot of people go through it. You're nauseated through the whole trimester.

''I got sick one time and it was at night and the rest way easy.

''I think my fitness app prepared me for actually being healthy now that I'm going through pregnancy because I've had no problems so far. So cross my fingers, knock on wood that will continue but I think I was already healthy before getting pregnant.''