Coco Rocha is expecting her third child.

The 31-year-old model has announced her and her husband James Conran are set to become a family of five, as they prepare to welcome a baby girl into the world in three and a half months time.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''We are having a girl and big sister is so excited. She loves having a baby brother, but she's like, 'I got one of those. So let's get another one, another version.' She wants to do all the mommy stuff. It's going to be like having a baby doll.''

Coco - who has Ioni, five, and Iver, two, with her husband James - found out she was expecting just as the world went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and whilst she has been feeling good throughout her pregnancy, she admits it has been hard not having James able to be in the scans with her due to social distancing.

Speaking about her pregnancy, she shared: ''The only hardship is that you can't bring daddy in. We get to FaceTime and I know I've seen some other celebrities kind of showing how that's worked for them. It is a very different scenario, but I do appreciate everyone taking it so seriously. And the doctors have been awesome.''

Coco previously revealed she is more selective about the jobs she takes on now she is a mother.

She said: ''Now that I'm a mom, when it comes to campaigns and editorials, I look at the bigger story. I ask if that's a good fit for the Coco brand, should I work with every editorial that comes my way, every brand. It's about pinpointing what's good. Early on, I would do any job that was brought to me. But then I stood back one second and realised that I didn't have a life. My agents had lives. They could book me a job and go out to dinner with their friends and I'd be off shooting somewhere. I was overwhelmed. I started dating my now-husband and realised that I was enjoying life a lot more.''