Cody Simpson is ''in love'' with his ''best friend'' Miley Cyrus.

The singer took to his Instagram stories and made a gushing tribute towards his girlfriend, as he confessed his deep feelings for her.

Alongside the photograph, he wrote: ''In love with my best friend (sic)''

Meanwhile, Cody previously confessed that being with Miley is a ''wonderful thing in his life'' as he praised her ''creativity''.

He said: ''Being with Miley is a wonderful thing in my life.

''She is creative and inspiring, fiercely independent and encourages me to be my own person, too. We are both creative individuals who support one another with our work. Miley also inspires my art. There's some romance in the poems I have written and yeah, they might be about her. It's inevitable that what happens in my private life comes out in my work.''

And Cody - who dated Gigi Hadid in the past - have ''always enjoyed being with independent women who are strong individuals''.

He added: ''I owe a lot of my humility to these women. My ability to make good decisions comes from the way I was raised: I don't want to disappoint mum or my grandmothers. They've shown me that being close to your mum and grandmothers makes you a better human ... I dated Gigi Hadid for two years and have always enjoyed being with independent women who are strong individuals. I have never really been heartbroken in the deepest sense, but I have been disappointed in relationships.''

Cody does want to get married one day, but not for a while yet.

He shared: ''I believe in marriage but haven't thought too much about that. I am far too young to consider it, to be honest. I just continue to surround myself with positive women who inspire me and teach me new things every day.''