The 18-year-old pop star is working on a number of side projects, including a new group which he has formed with a bunch of friends, called Coast House.

"I am working on a new project with some of my friends who live here in Venice, California, we're called Coast House," Cody tells Australian newspaper the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

"Right now I am psyched on this group. It would be nice to step back from the solo thing for a while."

Cody admits the band is just getting off the ground, but he is hoping to start playing some shows very soon, adding, "We are going to play some gigs around town. I just want to chill out and work on my music and play with my friends and become a great musician."

He also wants to make sure his new group is producing quality music so they are not just labelled another boyband.

"What we want to do with the group is to transcend the stereotypes of young musicians and just be really good," he adds to "Work on the craft and have that be the most important thing as opposed to massive hit songs initially, it doesn't really matter to me."

The news comes after Cody recently parted ways with his record label, Atlantic Records, and he is enjoying his newfound freedom.

"When I first sort of freed myself from my prior situation with my label, I immediately had this creative burst of energy through the liberation that I had to create with no boundaries or limitations. So, that birthed this process that is still happening very rapidly. I'm at an age where I'm sort of a different person every week, evolving very quickly every week, learning way more than I ever have, and been very focused and motivated. Because I have a very clear vision for my future and I'm very optimistic about it too."