The Coen Brothers want 'True Grit' to appeal to teenagers.

The filmmakers think their new movie - which stars Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges and 14-year-iold Mattie Ross - can be enjoyed by anyone, instead of the older male audience traditionally attracted by westerns.

Joel Coen said: "The ambition was for it to appeal to a broader demographic. It was one of the things that was most interesting to us about doing it, 'Well, here is a story told be a 14-year-old girl that might be interesting for a 14-year-old girl to see.' "

Joel and his brother Ethan have worked on movies set in different areas and time period of America and admit they are looking at a setting they have never used before for their next work.

Joel revealed: "We have a script set in New York in the 60s. It takes place in the folk revival of the early 1960s, that whole weird thing."

The pair also insist the fact their work is all set in different decades was not a deliberate move.

Ethan said: "It's true. But we're not crossing off a list."