Review of Try Single by Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat isn't known for producing 'trendy' pop songs of any kind, but she certainly always maintains that upbeat, sing-a-long vibe that's missing way to often from the mainstream these days. 'Try' is one such single, and is her latest release from her summer EP 'Gypsy Heart (Side A)'.

Colbie Caillat Try Single

It's full of gently plucked acoustic guitar, twinkling synths and minimal piano that adds a pleasantly uplifting touch. Colbie's vocals are soft, yet understated - almost as if she's inviting you to sing along with her (and it's hard not to, a song this catchy!).

The prominent message is what makes this song special: 'You don't have to try so hard/ You don't have to give it all away'. It's about self-love and the dilemma young girls (and, indeed, older women) face trying to impress the people around them - sure, it's not an original concept; Christina Aguilera had it pretty much spot on with her 2002 hit 'Beautiful', but people clearly still need to be reminded of that message. In any case, any song that makes your eyes sting a little is worth brownie points in my book.

It's a bright pop song with an admittedly overly simple melody, but the lyrics, though hackneyed and a little patronising, still have the desired effect. You can tell it's simply sung from the heart and, let's face it, Colbie doesn't even have to try.


Holly Williams

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