Review of Hang Me Up To Dry Single by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids
Hang Me Up To Dry
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Cold War Kids Hang Me Up To Dry Single

From the moment the first strains of the eeriest bassline since 'With Or Without You' echoed through the speakers like a battleship signalling its intent to a passing continent, 'Hang Me Up To Dry' is already a masterpiece in ascendance before a word is uttered.

Of course when the vocals do eventually kick in - or should that be slide into place with the efficiency of a proficiently serviced Volvo? - the song is already implanted in your brain like one of those immovable devices used to program robots and from that moment on, one's addictive tendencies fall hook, line and sinker for it in its entirety.

Singer Nathan Willett sounds like he really is at the end of his tether as his overwrought vocal struggles to get the words out, so engrossed and impassioned in the midst of one of the most intense pieces of music I've heard in ages.

And you thought this lot were the new Orson? Wash out your ears in shame, young man.

Dom Gourlay

Watch the video for 'Hang Me Up To Dry' here

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