Review of Speed of Sound Single by Coldplay


Coldplay - Speed of Sound - Single Review

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Speed of Sound

I must admit, I wasn’t convinced when I first heard this, Coldplay’s first track for a good while; the phrases ‘too samey’ and ‘hardly groundbreaking’ immediately sprang to mind, however, and it’s a big however… ‘Speed of Sound’ is definitely a grower.

A beautifully dramatic introduction launches you in a passionate, operatic-like performance from Martin, which is perfectly accompanied by a definitive yet urgent rhythmic showpiece from Champion.

With Coldplay’s popularity now spanning generations and music affiliations ‘Speed of Sound’ will rack up sales like there’s no tomorrow, but regardless of its musical appeal and sense of grandeur and spectacle, the fact does remain that this track is unmistakably Coldplay and for keen-eared fans this is perhaps a little disappointing.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher