Chris Martin, front man of Coldplay, has come out claiming that he accepts that his band will never be able to please everyone. The singer has often seemed irked at the lack of critical appraisal for the band despite commercial success, with both Radiohead and Arcade Fire seemingly being the only two acts of the last few years who've managed to balance both mega successes with positivity from even the most niche of publications.
However, Martin now seems ready to let things lie, and told the Sydney Morning Herald "You can very easily become infected by the minority negative opinion. I was talking to my dad about Manchester United - the most popular football team in the world - and when they show up at West Ham they get booed. I was thinking, 'Well, it's the same for us'."
Focusing on the positive, he said "When everybody is singing Paradise at the moment it makes me feel so alive and happy. There comes a point where you just accept that whatever you do, someone will like or hate it, so it's extremely liberating." Reflecting on the group's career, which saw them break through with their single 'Yellow' in 2000, he said "We are incredibly blessed that we are - 12 years in - allowed to make whatever we want to make. That's extraordinary. Even in the film world you can't do that. Only a few people can do that."