Coldplay are facing yet another plagiarism claim from a disgruntled singer, who alleges the band's new video is "awfully similar" to previous release.
Just weeks after settling a copyright dispute with guitarist Joe Satriani over their single Viva La Vida, singer/songwriter Andy J. Gallagher is pointing the finger at the group's new promo Strawberry Swing - made using stop animation and featuring the band acting alongside chalk drawings.
Gallagher claims it bears similarities to his music video for Something Else, which he released last year (08).
The singer tells CMU Music, "While I can't say they copied me, there are an awful lot of similarities between my video and theirs. I think it's unfair that Strawberry Swing will probably be nominated for numerous awards and is being universally-acclaimed as groundbreaking, when (Something Else director) Owen Trevor had virtually the same idea at least a year before."
Gallagher and Satriani aren't the only artists accusing Coldplay of copying - pop legend Yusuf Islam claims Viva La Vida borrows directly from his song Foreigner Suite.