Cole Sprouse was arrested during a ''peaceful'' Black Lives Matter protest.

The 'Riverdale' actor has claimed he was ''detained when standing in solidarity'' during the movement in Santa Monica on Sunday (31.05.20), which comes after the death of George Floyd, who passed away following his arrest by police outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after an officer knelt on his neck.

Cole shared a Black Lives Matter image, and added the caption: ''A group of peaceful protesters, myself included, were arrested yesterday in Santa Monica. So before the voracious horde of media sensationalism decides to somehow turn it about me, there's a clear need to speak about the circumstances: Black Lives Matter. Peace, riots, looting, are an absolutely legitimate form of protest. the media is by nature only going to show the most sensational, which only proves a long standing racist agenda. I was detained when standing in solidarity, as were many of the final vanguard within Santa Monica. We were given the option to leave, and were informed that if we did not retreat, we would be arrested. When many did turn to leave, we found another line of police officers blocking our route, at which point, they started zip tying us. It needs to be stated that as a straight white man, and a public figure, the institutional consequences of my detainment are nothing in comparison to others within the movement. (sic)''

The 27-year-old star also took to his Instagram Stories to share a ''comprehensive list of ways to donate and support'' Black Lives Matter.

Several other stars have also joined protests, which have broken out in cities all over the world.

Halsey claimed this week was hit by rubber bullets and ''gassed repeatedly'' while protesting in Los Angeles.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: ''we were peaceful hands up not moving not breaching the line. they opened fire of rubber bullets and tear gas multiple times on us. citizens who were not provoking them,.

''most of us were simply begging them to have empathy. to reconsider. to consider humanity and our nations history and future.

''They opened fire multiple times. I was hit twice. Once by pellets and once by shrapnel. We were gassed repeatedly for hours.(sic)''

The 25-year-old singer urged her followers to ''have courage'' and promised to be back to protest again.