That's right, Coleen Rooney and her footballer husband Wayne Rooney are having another boy. The couple revealed that Coleen was pregnant in October, and she broke the news via Twitter in a tweet directed to her hubby saying " Absolutely loved seeing our baby on the scan yesterday!!! We decided to find out the sex...... It's a ..... BOY!! So exciting @WayneRooney". Fans from all over the country have been congratulating the couple for their wonderful news.

As the Mirror reports however, this means that 26 year old Coleen will be the only girl in a house full of boys. Once this was mentioned to her she responded: "I know god help me ha."  She and Wayne already have one son named Kai who has just turned 3. "He wanted a boy!!" she said, and apparently wanted to name his new little brother 'Hatter', after the Madhatter, from Alice in Wonderland. 

Although he didn't respond directly to his wife, Rooney opted for a different family activity by revealing a video, wittily named 'Elfyourself' of himself, son and wife dressed as elves, dancing, on Facebook. The baby boy is due in May and probably not looking forward to appearing in any more Rooney Christmas traditions such as this: