‘Loose Women’ star Coleen Nolan revealed the depths of her marriage troubles with ex-husband Shane Richie and current spouse Ray Fensome, in a new TV show recorded just before she goes back into the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

The 51 year old singer turned presenter, who is to be a contestant on the 2017 edition of the reality show, spoke about her reaction to finding out ex-‘EastEnders’ star Richie, her first husband to whom she was married for nine years, was cheating on her – and her fears that the same might be happening with her current husband Ray.

“I don’t want it to fail again,” Coleen said during the emotional episode of ‘In Therapy’ which aired on Channel 5 on Wednesday night (January 4th). “I really love him but I always feel like I’m having a go at him… That’s horrible. I can’t bear the thought of someone staying with me if they’re not happy.”

Coleen NolanColeen Nolan fears that her marriage is on the verge of collapse

While she said that if Ray leaves “I’ll get over it,” she says that the thought makes her fear for her self-esteem. “I’ve never really felt good enough for someone… I know Ray doesn’t fancy me… Oh my God I’m crying, I hate crying.”

Richie, with whom she has two children – Shane Jr. and Jake – split from her in 1997 after she discovered he was having an affair.

“He was so brilliant at convincing me I was wrong. He would look me right in the eyes… and convince me I was wrong. He made me feel paranoid,” the former Nolan Sisters singer recalled, even saying that she initially felt happy and vindicated when Richie’s infidelity finally came out.

“I remember that feeling of elation when I found out [he was having an affair]... I went ‘Yes! I knew it. It was a feeling of euphoria before the absolute devastation hit me – he still convinced me to stay.”

The previous day (January 3rd), Nolan had re-entered the ‘CBB’ house – this time without her wedding ring. It was previously revealed that she and Ray were thinking about a “trial separation”.

“We're going to do a lot of talking over the next couple of weeks, but if we can't fix it then I want us to have counselling. The next step is a trial separation,” she told The Mirror.

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