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The Beguiled Trailer

John McBurney is a Union soldier who is found injured in the grounds of a Mississippi Confederate all-girls boarding school in 1863. The girls and their headmistress Miss Farnsworth take him inside to care for him, locking him in a room to keep him separated from the girls, but during his stay he manages to charm the likes of teacher Edwina Dabney and one of the elder students, Alicia, not to mention Martha herself. John's presence in the house disrupts the once quaint atmosphere, and it soon becomes thick with deceit and jealousy. As each of the girls turn on one another one by one, they begin to realise who the real enemy is. And John finds himself in far more danger than he ever was in the ongoing Civil War.

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The Beguiled, Okja And Wonderstruck: The Best Palme D'Or Nominees For Cannes Film Festival 2017

Cannes Film Festival Nicole Kidman Julianne Moore Colin Farrell

Cannes Film Festival 2017 kicks off this week and those officially selected for Competition are particularly exciting this year. The Palme d'Or nominees offer thrills, colour, mystery, poignant propositions as well as some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Here are nine of our most anticipated features.

Nicole Kidman stars in 'The Beguiled'Nicole Kidman stars in 'The Beguiled'

1. The Beguiled - For Academy Award winning Sofia Coppola's latest film, she adapts the Thomas P. Cullinan novel of the same name (originally called 'A Painted Devil') in a Western starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning. They play the residents of a small Virginia girls' school who take in a wounded Union soldier played by Colin Farrell. Sexual tensions arise, which only results in pure vengeance.

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Celebrating 10 Of Ireland's Finest Stars

Michael Fassbender Colin Farrell Bono Liam Neeson

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we pay tribute to some of the most significant Irish men and women in Hollywood and beyond, because for such a small country, so many legends have been created there. Here's a look at some of the singers, actors and presenters that make Ireland proud.

10 of Ireland's greatest superstars:

Michael FassbenderMichael Fassbender is half-Irish, half-German

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Clips

The time is drawing ever closer to the release of Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find, within a short number of days we will finally be able to get a glimpse into the life of a character that author J.K. Rowling so lovingly developed. Even when Newt Scamander was a young Hogwarts student, he always loved the wilder side of magic. If there was a wild beast to nurture, Newt would be the enthusiastic child wanting to find out more.

When he grew up, he became an acclaimed magizoologist and formed his own unique and rather deadly collection of beasts. Any endangered species, Newt would willingly look after and add to his endless list of beasts, all with their own unique powers. After a busy trip collecting more creatures, Newt visits the city of New York and arrives to find that tensions between the wizarding community and a group of powerful muggles (known as the Second Salemers) are battling one another; the Second Salemers goal is to eradicate the wizarding community. 

When some of Newt's beasts are accidentally released, he is quickly called to answer questions from the Director of Magical Security at MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America) who presumes Newt is guilty of working with wizard Gellert Grindelwald. The director, Percival Graves, believes that Newt has purposefully released the beasts to expose magic kind in order to stir up tension between and further the war between the muggles (No-Maj) and the wizarding world.

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Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them Trailer

Long before Harry Potter - or his parents - took up residence at Hogwarts, there was a student called Newt Scamander. An inquisitive boy who was constantly on the lookout for new magical creatures found himself being expelled from the school for endangering the lives of the pupils. Though Newt was expelled for his actions, a certain teacher going by the name of Albus Dumbledore stuck up for the young wizard.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them - Teaser Trailer

Long before the time of Harry Potter, wizards and witches still lived their lives in the muggle world as well as the wizarding world that was still governed by the ministry of magic.

Even though 'he who shall not be named' wasn't causing chaos for the wizards, they still had problems of their own. Largely these were monsters and beasts that come from far and distant lands. Newt Scamander is one particular wizard who is fascinated by these creators and when a selection of these terrible beasts are mistakenly released into the muggle world, Newt finds himself suddenly thrown into untrodden territory.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was originally written as a book by JK Rowling. The book studies 83 of these mystical creators all of which Newt has discovered.

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'True Detective' Season 2 Debuts Eerie, Slick Trailer

Colin Farrell

The first teaser trailer for True Detective season 2 has premiered online, with Colin Farrell taking center stage as the compromised detective Ray Velcoro. The first season of the show was a monster hit, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson turning in stellar performances to compliment Nic Pizzolatto's taut script.

True DetectiveColin Farrell plays detective Ray Velcoro in True Detective season 2

Season two stars co-stars Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon, a criminal and entrepreneur in danger of losing his life's work. Rachel McAdams plays Ani Bezzerides, a Ventura County Sheriff's detective at odds with the system she serves, while Taylor Kitsch plays a war veteran and motorcycle cop for the California Highway Patrol who discovers a crime scene which triggers an investigation involving three law enforcement groups.

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So, "True Detective" Season 2 Will Star Colin Farrell And Vince Vaughn. Who's Next?

Vince Vaughn Colin Farrell

Another one of those True Detective rumours has been confirmed – Vince Vaughn has indeed signed on for a part in the show’s second season. HBO confirmed that news that Vaughn and Colin Farrell will co-star in the brand new story that Nic Pizzolatto and co. are working on. There’s a twist though – Vaughn and Farrell will not join forces onscreen, a la Rust and Marty. Instead, Vaughn will play the criminal to Farrell’s cop character. Irish actor Farrell, 38, will star as compromised detective Ray Velcoro and Vaughn, 44, will star as criminal mastermind Frank Semyon in the drama’s next run.

Vince Vaughn
Vaughn fits in with True Detective's strategy of casting older, established film actors, which helped the first season's popularity.

Specifically, the latter will take on the role of a “career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner” – description courtesy of HBO’s statement, via Entertainment Weekly.

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Finally, We've Got A Plot For 'True Detective' Season 2 (and Vince Vaughn)

Vince Vaughn Colin Farrell

After months of rumors, speculation and a drip-feed of information for Nic Pizzolato and individuals connected with HBO, we've finally got some solid information on what we can expect from 'True Detective' season 2. Filming is set to go ahead in October, with Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn the most high profile stars.

Matthew McConaugheyColin Farrell will take the reigns from Matthew McConaughey on 'True Detective' season 2

According to a new HBO press release - which confirmed both actors for the roles - the plot will revolve around a murder that police officers and a criminal must navigate around for their own sake. We now know that Farrell will play Ray Velcoro, a "compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him," while Vaughn has been cast Frank Semyon, "a career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner."

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Colin Farrell Confirms He's In 'True Detective' Season 2, "I'm So Excited"

Colin Farrell

Irish actor Colin Farrell has confirmed he will star in the second season of HBO's 'True Detective', ending months of speculation that linked the likes of Brad Pitt and Christian Bale with the role. Speaking to Ireland's Sunday World, Farrell said: "I'm doing the second series. I'm so excited."

Colin FarrellColin Farrell is in True Detective season 2

The news won't come as a huge surprise to fans that have followed the rumors. Back in July, The Wrap reported that Farrell was "in talks" for a key role in the series and that he was likely to be joined by Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn.

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With Matthew McConaughey's Story Done "True Detective" Casts Colin Farrell For Second Season

Colin Farrell Matthew Mcconaughey Taylor Kitsch Vince Vaughn Elizabeth Moss

Big news, True Detective fans! The latest cast announcement from HBO’s runaway hit is that Colin Farrell will join the lineup starting next season. Farrell made the announcement himself, saying he was “so excited” about the role in an exclusive for Sunday World, an Irish newspaper.

Colin Farrell
Meet your new True Detective star.

For the second season, Farrell will find himself in the midst of a whole new plot alongside an entirely different cast. With the conclusion of the plot from season one, showrunner Nick Pizzolotto has crafted an entirely new story for True Detective’s next outing. Rumors have been flying around about the show’s possible new stars, but Farrell is the first confirmed actor to join the show.

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True Detective Has Solid TCA Awards Show Off The Back Of Season 2 Rumours

Matthew Mcconaughey Colin Farrell

Having just processed the latest True Detective season 2 plot rumors, we saw the show pick up the TCA award for Best Miniseries (Emmy rules don’t apply), while Matthew Mcconaughey walked away with the male acting gong. Scroll down for the full list of winners. 

Matthew McConaughey True DetectiveMatthew McConaughey stars as Rust Cohle in True Detective

He beat out Bryan Cranston who polished of the role of a lifetime as Walter White in Breaking Bad’s fifth season. But McConaughey’s 8-episode stint as Rustin Cohle, the lone wanderer prone to existential mumblings, didn’t surprise anyone, such is the quality of writing on HBO’s hauntingly gothic miniseries.

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A Week In Movies: On Set With The Hunger Games, Howard Hughes And The Lobster; New Trailers For Expendables 3 And Ninja Turtles

Jennifer Lawrence Lily Collins Matthew Broderick Warren Beatty Rachel Weisz Colin Farrell Sylvester Stallone Megan Fox Jeff Bridges Meryl Streep Michael Fassbender

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

In Paris, Jennifer Lawrence was caught on camera as she shot scenes for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 involving a huge crowd of elaborately costumed extras. The hotly anticipated Mockingjay Part 1 opens this coming November, with Part 2 coming in 2015. Check out photos from 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' film set in Paris - May 2014.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Warren Beatty was shooting his new Howard Hughes movie out on the streets where photographers caught Matthew Broderick and a glammed-up Lily Collins at work. The still-untitled film centres on an affair the elderly Hughes (played by Beatty) had with a younger woman. Costars include Annette Bening, Martin Sheen, Alden Ehrenreich, Brooklyn Decker, Oliver Platt and Candice Bergen. The film will be out next year. Take a look at the photos of Lily Collins and Matthew Broderick prep for filming 'Untitled Warren Beatty Project' - May 2014.

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Sharon Osbourne Give Us WAY Too Much Information About Her Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Sharon Osbourne Graham Norton Colin Farrell

Sharon Osbourne isn't exactly known for being closed off or unwilling to delve into her private life and when she appeared on the BBC's The Graham Norton Show earlier this week, Sharon lived up to her billing as an open book. Discussing plastic surgery procedures, Sharon revealed that she has been under the knife, but not necessarily where you'd expect the knife to go.

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon is no stranger to the plastic surgeon's knife

Osbourne was a guest on the show on Friday, 29 November, with the interview going to air on 7 December. Whilst on the show, Osbourne was complimented on her looks by host Graham Norton when she revealed that she is no stranger to the surgeon's scalpel. Admitting to having gone under the knife to keep her youthful looks, Sharon went on to explain that she has also had a few other procedures done, including having her "vagina tightened."

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Warcraft Movie Update: Colin Farrell And Paula Patton Handed Leads?

Colin Farrell Paula Patton

It’s pretty simple: if millions upon millions of people are playing a videogame, it’s time to push the envelope and turn that videogame into a film. The franchise is developing nicely, and Deadline has reported that a cast is beginning to assemble, with Colin Farrell and Paula Patton heading it up.

Colin FarrellIs Farrell mulling over a role in Warcraft?

According to the ever-reliable film site, Farrell has been offered the role, but it’s not certain whether he’ll accept or not. In fact, sources have suggested that the chances of him adopting the role are 50/50. Director Duncan Jones is reportedly testing out other high-profile stars in case his first choice doesn’t bite.

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Video - Colin Farrell Says In An Interview He Felt 'Less Discomfort' Seeing Himself In The Animated Movie 'Epic' As Opposed To A Live Action Movie

Colin Farrell talks about what it's like to make the transition from live action to animated film with his new movie 'Epic' in an interview during the movie's premiere.

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Christopher Walken, Honey Boo Boo – Is This The World’s Weirdest Pairing?

Christopher Walken Sam Rockwell Colin Farrell Alana Thompson

Christopher Walken’s Honey Boo Boo reading has caused a bit of a stir.

Stars of the new comedy Seven Psychopaths Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell have brought a whole new dimension to the latest reality star to take America by storm, Honey Boo Boo.

Whilst filming a press junket interview for the actor’s new film, the trio of stars were asked to read lines from a mock-audition for the Honey Boo Boo Movie, with all exceeding in their roles. The show, which airs on The Learning Channel, teaches viewers how a Georgian family go about their daily lives and struggles, with the actors reciting some awe-inspiring lines lifted directly from the show including: “My momma has told me in the past that if you fart 12-15 times a day, you could lose a lot of weight, so I think I'm gonna lose a lot of weight.”

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Is 'Seven Psychopaths' Better Than 'In Bruges'?

Colin Farrell

Seven Psychopaths, the latest offering from writer-director Martin McDonagh, is courting high praise from critics ahead of its release in the US on Friday (October 12, 2012). The movie follows Marty, played by Colin Farrell, as a struggling writer who dreams of finishing his screenplay

Marty is helped along by his unemployed actor friend Billy, who is willing to do anything necessary to provide Marty with focus and inspiration that he so dearly requires. Manohla Dargis of the New York Times got the ball rolling, writing, “Meta to the max, filled with clever jokes and observations that stick like barbs and deflated ones that land with a thud, "Seven Psychopaths" is a leisurely riff about movies, violence, storytelling and the art of the steal.” Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine continued the praise, calling Seven Psychopaths “crazy-killer fun,” and adding, “What movie junkie out there wouldn't leap at the chance to see merry pranksters such as Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson go nuts in something called Seven Psychopaths?”

The movie currently holds an impressive score of 89% on review aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes, which is 5% higher than McDonagh’s last movie, the black comedy In Bruges.

Is Colin Farrell Movie Seven Psychopaths Any Cop?

Colin Farrell Martin Mcdonagh Michael Pitt Christopher Walken

Seven Psychopaths, starring Colin Farrell, hits US cinemas tomorrow (October, 12 2012). The Martin Mcdonagh directed film see a struggling screenwriter inadvertently caught up Los Angeles criminal underworld after a gangster’s Shih Tzu is kidnapped. It’s a comedy, unless you didn’t get that by now. We’ve trawled through some Seven Psychopaths reviews, so you don’t have to.

Early indications suggest that the film is really quite good, as it has a healthy rating of 95% on film-score aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Empire Magazine says it’s “a funny, dirty and very, very violent comedy that tilts at serious themes (as did In Bruges, but in a different way) and does so with a messy, irreverent, gung-ho energy.” Another review, this time from Entertainment Weekly, praises the film’s script, which was also penned by McDonagh: “An energetically demented psycho-killer comedy set in faux-noir L.A.,” writes Lisa Schwarzbaum. “Seven Psychopaths rollicks along to the unique narrative beat and language stylings of Anglo-Irish writer-director Martin McDonagh, channelling Quentin Tarantino.” High praise indeed!

In fact, most reviews were unanimous in praise for the crime-comedy, which stars Michael Pitt, Colin Farrell and Christopher Walken in an impressive cast. We couldn’t see any negative words about it, apart from the New York Observer calling it “genuinely humor-resistant.” But with its overwhelmingly positive reception, it looks like your cinema tickets for tomorrow night are sorted. U.K viewers will have to wait until December 9, 2012 to see it, though.

Seven Psychopaths Trailer

Marty is a budding screenwriter in LA with hopes of completing his major screenplay 'Seven Psychopaths' but involuntarily gets mixed up in his friends Hans and Billy's career of dog kidnapping; a way of earning money that involves stealing people's pet pooches and returning them some days later to claim the reward. Billy is an actor and Marty's best friend who tries desperately to keep him safe when he is almost killed after Billy and Hans steal the much-loved Shih Tzu of unhinged gangster, Charlie; a man whose fury and devastation at losing his dog is enough drive to execute whoever he thinks is involved. Hans is religious with a violent past but now recognises non-violence as a better way to live. However, he, Billy and Marty will struggle avoiding violence at the hands of Charlie especially as they choose to ignore their worried and annoyed girlfriends' suggestions to return the dog.

'Seven Psychopaths' is a wonderful crime comedy that spoofs the trend of all the serious gangster movies that have been released this year. Directed, written and produced by the Oscar winning Martin Mcdonagh ('In Bruges', 'Six Shooter'), this star-studded flick is definitely one for dog lovers and gangster film lovers alike. It is scheduled for release in the UK this winter on December 7th 2012.

Starring: Sam Rockwell, Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Abbie Cornish, Olga Kurylenko, Zeljko Ivanek, Tom Waits, Helena Mattsson, Gabourey Sidibe, Kevin Corrigan, Brendan Sexton III, Sandy Martin and Ronnie Gene Blevins.

Epic Trailer

Mary Katherine is a regular teenage girl who somehow mysteriously appears in an enchantingly beautiful forest full of talking slugs and miniature soldiers. In this strange new world, a war is waging between the forces of good and those who do everything within their power to try to defend nature, and the forces of evil; those who are responsible for its destruction. Wishing she'd dreamt it all at first, Mary eventually joins a team of weird but friendly characters to help protect this world as well as her own which is also, consequentially, under threat.

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Total Recall Review

Audiences weren't exactly clamouring for a remake of that 1990 sci-fi hit starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, but here we are. The filmmakers promised to return more closely to Philip K. Dick's original story, but instead they merely lift visual references from a series of much more involving movies. And with only one decently realised character on the screen, the only other thing to hold our interest is the way it looks.

That one good character is Doug, played with real depth by Farrell. After a chemical war has left just two inhabitable spots on earth (Britain and Australia), Doug is working as a robotics engineer and living a quiet life with his wife Lori (Beckinsale). But he keeps dreaming about running for his life with another woman (Biel), so he heads to a Rekall memory-implant centre to clear his mind. Of course he instead opens a can of worms, discovering that he's not who he thinks he is. But what's the truth? And who's side he really working for - the totalitarian chancellor (Cranston) or the violent rebel leader (Nighy)?

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Video - Colin Farrell Takes Time Off On The Set Of Upcoming Thriller 'Dead Man Down'

Photographers grab a few snaps of Golden Globe winner Colin Farrell as he takes time off on the set of his new film 'Dead Man Down' and mingles among the film crew. The papz have to be repeatedly told to move out of the way of the crew while they work.

Farrell stars as Victor in the upcoming crime thriller which is set for release in the US on April 2th 2013. He has finished filming for the remake of 'Total Recall' which will be released later in the summer and he will also star alongside Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken in 'Seven Psychopaths'

Total Recall Trailer

It is an uneasy period in human history, with the nation states of Euromerica and New Shanghai vying for supremacy a factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to question this new world order. With the questions mounting in his head it seems that the only thing that can clear his head is a decent vacation and Rekall looks to be the company to help him out with this desire.

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FrightNight Review

This remake of Todd Holland's 1985 schlock horror is more about the comedy than the terror, camping up the characters and indulging in grotesque effects shots.

Besides some cheap scares, it never generates a moment of suspense, but it's still good fun.

In suburban Las Vegas, Charley (Yelchin) is a nerdy teen with an impossibly hot girlfriend (Poots) and a feisty single mum (Collette). But there's something suspicious about the new neighbour Jerry (Farrell), whom Charley's best friend Ed (Mintz-Plasse) insists is a vampire. And as events start to get increasingly bizarre, Charley begins to believe it himself. He asks TV vampire expert Peter Vincent (Tennant) for advice, but Peter is a jaded showman who doesn't really believe in the supernatural. Or does he?

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Fright Night Trailer

High school nerd Charley Brewster is in his senior year of high school and dating the popular beautiful British exchange student, Amy. When fellow classmate Adam Johnson goes missing, Charley isn't bothered by this - Adam is most likely skipping class, in his opinion. But his best friend, 'Evil' Ed, is concerned.

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Video - Colin Farrell Meets Fans Before Letterman Taping

Colin Farrell, the Irish actor and star of recent comedy 'Horrible Bosses', arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York for a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman. Wearing a casual grey cardigan with white shirt and grey trousers, the actor signed posters for fans before heading inside the famous theatre.

Farrell is currently filming Len Wiseman's remake of the action sci-fi 'Total Recall', originally starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor plays a factory worker who begins to suspect he is a spy

Horrible Bosses Trailer

Nick Hendricks (a management candidate), Kurt Buckman (an accountant) and Dale Arbus (a dental assistant) are three best friends who love their jobs. However, for the three of them, there is just one thing coming between them and their happiness - their evil bosses.

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The Way Back Trailer

For anyone in the 1940 being held prisoner in a Siberian gulag they knew their lives might not last much longer, when seven inmates hatch -and successfully carry out - a plan to escape under the cover of a blizzard they do not know what their next move will be. Surrounded by unforgiving terrain and traitorous weather conditions, the group decide their only hope is to walk to safety.

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Ondine Trailer

Watch the trailer for Ondine

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Crazy Heart Trailer

Watch the trailer for Crazy Heart

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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Alexander Review

To paraphrase the obnoxious David Spade, I liked Alexander a lot... when it was called Troy.

In fact, Oliver Stone's overblown biopic detailing the global conquests of Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) would make a nice bookend to Wolfgang Petersen's lopsided sword-and-sandal epic. One day you'll be able to tap Netflix for the two titles and combine them for a battle-worthy double feature. You'll only need an entire weekend to wrap it up.

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Miami Vice Review

You can learn a lot about Michael Mann's updated Miami Vice by listening to Glenn Frey. It's true. Many questions surrounding this remake are answered using the lyrics to Frey's prophetic "Smuggler's Blues," a song made famous by the seminal 1980s buddy-cop drama that sold sex and sidearms on South Beach.For instance, why would Mann - a respected filmmaker riding a decade-long creative hot streak - blow the dust off a hopelessly dated property he last executive-produced almost 20 years ago? As Frey sings, "It's the lure of easy money. It's got a very strong appeal." And why would a studio support Mann's impulsive let's-get-the-band-back-together decision after projects from Bewitched to The Dukes of Hazzard demonstrate that audiences don't care to relive the past? Frey confesses, "It's a losing proposition. But one you can't refuse."In its prime, the television-sized Vice influenced the fashion industry, peddled synthesizer-laden soundtracks, and made Don Johnson a household name. This realistically superficial recycling, however, will cure insomnia, set the advancement of digital cinematography back a few years, and unsuccessfully argue in favor of the mullet as an acceptable coif style.The story lost me almost immediately, but looked cool doing it. Undercover detectives James "Sonny" Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) are deep into one case when a former informant contacts them claiming that a deal he was working went bad. To clean up the mess, Crockett and Tubbs must infiltrate a sprawling drug cartel lorded over by menacing Jose Yero (John Ortiz, mimicking Al Pacino's Tony Montana character) and sultry Isabella (Gong Li, her broken English disrupting half of her lines).Vice marks a return for Mann in multiple ways. He's back on the beach with Crockett and Tubbs, characters he last manipulated in 1989. More importantly, it's the director's first mature cops-and-robbers thriller since 1995's Heat, a modern classic which also presented an in-depth analysis of individuals operating on opposite sides of the law. Part of Heat's allure, though, was the intimate knowledge we collected about Pacino's bulldog detective and Robert De Niro's elusive thief. Watching the former sacrifice his marriage and family life for the sake of the job added juicy drama to his otherwise routine investigation.Vice lacks that human touch, those insights into the men away from their beats. Mann ladles on ample attitude, while his chiseled leading men provide plenty of posturing. Mannequin Vice might have made for a better title. Foxx and Farrell buy into the shout-and-scowl method, with an emphasis on the latter. But the script neglects to fill in details about Sonny and Ricardo beyond quick peeks into their active bedrooms. It's a fault built into the premise. These men exist deep undercover, so the lives they lead are smokescreens - which makes it difficult to care whether they continue to blow smoke or not.As a whole, the stiff and procedural Vice moves too slowly to hold our interests. It's a thinking-man's summer picture, code for "no action, plenty of conversation." Normally that's fine, but Mann pens lines that would have been too cheesy even for the '80s program. Crockett repeatedly claims, "No one has ever treaded where we are now." We just don't believe him. One villain barks, "He wants to promise them silver, but pay them in lead!" James Bond's foes made more effective threats.Oscar-winning cinematographer Dion Beebe continues to experiment with digital technology at Mann's request. It works when the action shifts to the open seas, but his night shoots produce muddy visuals that - while realistic - are ugly and drab. I guess when compared to the original Vice's pastel color scheme, it's an improvement.Frey once again gets the last words. I'm paraphrasing a few of his somber lyrics so that they properly sum up how I felt leaving my screening. I'm sorry it went down like this, and the audience had to lose. It's the nature of this business. It's the critic's blues.Watch that wake!

A Home At The End Of The World Review

An initially touching story that wilts under its own insignificance, A Home at the End of the World is the second film to be adapted from a Michael Cunningham novel, following the footsteps of The Hours, a work that, for all its flaws, A Home can't even come close to. In an opening that veers wildly, and not unpleasantly, between adolescent melodrama and wildly unintended farce, we are given the suburban Cleveland childhood of two buddies, Bobby Morrow and Jonathan Glover. Bobby's eyes were opened to the world at age nine in the late 1960s, when his older brother Carlton introduced him to the joys of acid and hanging out in graveyards.

A few years later, after the deaths of both Carlton and his mother, Bobby is a puppy-eyed teenager who inherited Carlton's magnetic personality and utter lack of guile, which is what attracts another teen, the gawkier Jonathan, to him. After his dad dies, Bobby moves permanently into the Glover household as a sort of unofficial adopted brother to Jonathan - except that they're brothers who occasionally make out and smoke joints with Mrs. Glover (Sissy Spacek). The rather uptight Jonathan (he wears glasses and has braces, you see) can't handle Bobby's openness and is more than a little jealous of how eagerly her mother has embraced him into their family, and their romantic relationship stalls.

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S.W.A.T. Review

Is it that Samuel L. Jackson's character is nicknamed "Hondo"? Could it be the sequence where Colin Farrell goes running on the beach, appears to flirt with a dog and later explosively vomits, all of it set to the Rolling Stones' "Shattered"? Or maybe it's the time that the cast of S.W.A.T. all bust out with a rendition of the theme song from the TV show that the movie itself was based on. (Imagine Tom Cruise humming the Mission: Impossible theme while breaking into Langley.) You can pick from a variety of primary causes, but the end result is the same: S.W.A.T. is such an abominable waste of time and resources that I barely know where to begin.

There's plenty of blame to go around, but it should probably start with the script by David Ayer and David McKenna, which starts with your basic bank hostage scenario that can only be solved by (cue music) the S.W.A.T. team. Hotdoggers Jim Street (Colin Farrell) and Brian Gamble (Jeremy Renner) move into the bank, disobeying orders, and Gamble ends up shooting (nonfatally) one of the hostages. Street gets demoted out of S.W.A.T., while Gamble quits the department entirely, holding a serious grudge.

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Tigerland Review

Very Good
As it turns out, war can be hell even if you never leave home.

Joel Schumacher, director of some of the worst films in a generation (8MM, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever), redeems himself with his first really good flick since Falling Down in 1993. A tale of army recruits in their final days of training before heading to Vietnam in 1971, Tigerland is an original and modestly powerful anti-war film that never even goes "in country."

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Daredevil Review


An unremarkably routine superhero movie based on the cult-favorite comic book about a satanically-costumed blind vigilante, "Daredevil" plays like a C-grade grad project for a night school course called Superhero Filmmaking 101.

Faithful to his inspiration -- the era of "Daredevil" issues written by "Batman" revitalizer Frank Miller and comic-crazy film director Kevin Smith -- in several important details, writer-director Mark Steven Johnson's one stroke of true genius comes in the pulses of fluid, misty, ghostly imagery he uses to depict the sightless crime fighter's enhanced ability to "see" through sound waves and smells.

But most of the picture apes its action style -- and many whole fight scenes -- from last year's "Spider-Man." It has the same ineffectual opening voice-over, the same unconvincingly CGI-assisted rooftop leaping and building-swinging (Daredevil uses a grappling-hook-modified walking cane instead of spider-webbing) and its hero has the same slow-mo back-flip method of dodging weapons thrown by villains.

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Colin Farrell Explains That His Penis Is Smaller Than Ewan Mcgregor's

Colin Farrell Ewan McGregor

Hollywood star Colin Farrell has expressed dismay at the amount of publicity his penis has received, especially as it doesn't even appear onscreen. and it's nothing compared to Ewan McGregor's, apparently. The 'Phone Booth' star was recently part of a full-frontal nudity scene which was pulled from the film when test screening audiences found it distracting. 

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Said audiences have reported that Farrell's manhood is "big", despite the actor's own suggestion that it's nothing to write home about. And compared to Ewan McGregor - who recently went full frontal for 'Young Adam' - it's not worth talking about. Farell spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the scene, saying:  "I mean, f*** me! Who gives a f***? Apart from the readers of (gay magazine) 'The Advocate' maybe, who wants to see Colin Farrell's c*** that much?"

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