Colin Farrell hopes Ben Affleck will ''kill it'' as Batman.

The 37-year-old actor is backing the 41-year-old star who has been cast in 2016's 'Man of Steel' sequel and thinks he will do a great job in Warner Bros.' upcoming movie, alongside hunk Henry Cavill who is reprising his role as the Superman and Gal Gadot joining the ranks as Wonder Woman.

Farrell's support comes after Affleck was heavily criticised by fans, some of whom ordered the studio to remove him for the role, when the news was announced last summer.

He told ''I always enjoyed watching him, as a director he's extraordinary too, but his work in 'The Town' and 'Argo', he was so fantastic in both those films. In 'Argo', it was such a controlled performance. I think he'll kill it as 'Batman'. I hope he does and shuts the naysayers up.''

Farrell thinks Affleck - who was catapulted to the spotlight in 1998's 'Armageddon' - has grown as an actor in recent years.

He added: ''Good luck to him. I think he'll do a great job. As an actor, I don't know that I know anyone that's improved as much as he has. That sounds like a s**t thing to say.''

The Hollywood hunk reflected on his own career and although in hindsight there are things he would change he is pleased with the way things have turned out for him.

Farrell added: ''As a testament to how OK I am with where I am in my life now, I would do it all the same, but I would be damn tempted to change a few things. And maybe I would change a few things, but I'd change them with the awareness that I was taking a massive gamble and that I could have done films that were better received than some of the ones I did and I wouldn't be in as good a place as I feel blessed to be in now.''