Film star Colin Farrell reveals that it is his inability to have ''interesting conversations'' after sex that keeps him single. Farrell's last serious relationship was with Alicja Bachleda, which ended in 2010 after the couple had a son, Henry. Farrell has stated, however, that he is still looking for love. All he needs is someone that can keep him occupied outside of the bedroom.

Farrell spoke to German magazine 'IN', explaining his relationship troubles, saying: ''Love is often complicated - sex is much easier. But there is still this yearning to find the love of your life. If I could have interesting conversations after sex, I would be in heaven.'' But the only relationships that dominate Farrell's life are supposedly the ones with his two children - one with Bachleda, and one with model Kim Bordenave.

Farrell laid out his intentions, explaining that: ''My main task in life is to become a better person, and a better friend, lover and father. There is still a lot to do for me, but I am on the right track.'' The 36-year-old star believes that it was becoming a father that helped him to finally kick his alcohol addiction and make him a more caring person. Farrell explained his feelings, saying: ''Fatherhood is wonderful, it's so much harder to be away from home now that I have kids. They're so wonderful, I adore them so much. I don't get too stressed about movies anymore, you do your best and you hope for the best and then you finish the movie and walk away hoping for the best and go home to the kids.''