Also, it simple can't be denied that they’re both charming chaps. Farrell with his delectable Irish accent definitely oozes the character of loveable rogue and plays to that strength well.

Colin FarrellColin Farrell certainly has that twinkle in his eye [Getty/Frazer Harrison]

In Stark, Downey Jr has already accomplished that cheeky, charming persona of a man who refuses to play by the rules - personality traits that, if anyone else could attempt, Farrell might be the man.

With that twinkle in his eye Farrell could easily play a tortured soul, something we’ve come to expect from our iron men as a result of Downey Jr’s natural performance as emotionally-complicated Stark.

So maybe Farrell is a credible replacement. The real question is then: are we really ready to part with Downey Jr?

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