The romantic Akiva Goldsmad-directed 'Winter's Tale' made its world premiere in London on Thursday evening (Feb 13th), hoping to attract the attention of many besotted couple's one day before Valentine's Day.

Colin Farrell
Farrell as Peter Lake in 'Winter's Tale'

Although the movie, starring Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findley, is a story of fantasy, the content certainly does profess to depict true love. Set in the ever so romantic city of New York, the plot follows one man's infatuation that lasts an entire century.

The film, based on Mark Helprin's 1983 novel of the same name, follows Peter Lake (Farrell), a no-good burglar who lives and robs in the early 20th century, but one day everything changes when he takes refuse in a mansion after fleeing the clutches of his ex-gang leader, Pearly Soames, (Russell Crowe).

Jessica Brown Findley
Jessica Brown Findley stars as Beverly Penn

While hiding in the grand house and with an unpaid debt hanging over his head, Lake meets a beautiful young women called Beverly Penn (Findlay), a wealthy heiress who is dying from Tuberculosis. Despite death being inevitable for Penn, Lake falls madly in love with her. While coming to terms with this, Soames is still on the thief's tail but when attempting to murder Lake, he is magically transported to modern day New York and hasn't aged a single day.

Watch the trailer for 'Winter's Tale' here

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