But will this magical tale woe cinemagoers on the most romantic day of the year?

Peter Howell from Toronto Star doesn't think so as he blasted the film by stating, "Enduring this soppy muddle of twinkling stars, fluttering wings, refracted points of light and destiny-led swooners is like being forced to listen at length to a crazy person at a street corner read out old Hallmark greeting cards."

Russell Crowe
Crowe portrays gangster boss Perly Soames

Chris Cabin of Slant Magaizne was equally as critical as he wrote, "Fantasy is heavily dependent on vision, which Mark Helprin had in spades, but the look of Akiva Goldsman's fantasy is limp, timid, and occasionally outright awkward."

A.0. Scott of the New York Times added, "Clumsy and inert, a lumbering white elephant rather than the flying white horse that is the novel's magical mascot."

Although the story may have been poorly executed, one thing critics do like about this new flick is the ensemble cast which includes, Jennifer Connolly, Will Smith, William Hurt and Eva Maria Saint.

But even boasting these talented actors can't seem to make 'Winter's Tale' a Valentine's Day favorite.

Winter's Tale
Winter's Tale poster