Colin Farrell hates working away from his family.

The 'Lobster' actor - who has sons James, 11, and Henry, five, from past relationships - used to enjoy living a life of luxury in different hotels around the world but these days would much rather have his home comforts.

He said: ''I used to love making one movie after another and moving from one city to another and staying in palatial hotels.

''You never have to clean your room, you can order room service round the clock and you feel this freedom that comes from being able to wander around in life.

''Now I would much rather spend time at home with family and enjoy the kind of comfort that comes with that.''

Colin is currently single, and admits life is ''easier'' without having to worry about bringing someone else into the spotlight.

He told HELLO! magazine: ''It's very difficult to have a relationship when your life is the subject of so much attention and all the nonsense that comes with being a celebrity. Being single is a lot easier sometimes because you're not attracting all the speculation and fuss that comes with being with someone who's in my profession.

''And it's hard to spend time with a woman who is not part of the entertainment industry because you hate exposing them to that kind of scrutiny. Every time I think about getting involved in a serious way I have to think about everything that comes with that.''