Hollywood star Colin Farrell has expressed dismay at the amount of publicity his penis has received, especially as it doesn't even appear onscreen. and it's nothing compared to Ewan McGregor's, apparently. The 'Phone Booth' star was recently part of a full-frontal nudity scene which was pulled from the film when test screening audiences found it distracting. 

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Said audiences have reported that Farrell's manhood is "big", despite the actor's own suggestion that it's nothing to write home about. And compared to Ewan McGregor - who recently went full frontal for 'Young Adam' - it's not worth talking about. Farell spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the scene, saying:  "I mean, f*** me! Who gives a f***? Apart from the readers of (gay magazine) 'The Advocate' maybe, who wants to see Colin Farrell's c*** that much?"

He continued to explain that: "And let me tell you, it ain't nothing to f***ing write home about. Someone told me that someone said it was fine but it was no Ewan McGregor! It's nothing, man! I walk to a door and you see my c***, and I walk out of the shot. It's dark, and it's three inches, uh, seconds long."

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Farell has also expressed happiness that the scene was cut, as it was unnecessary. He stated: "I don't think it was needed. I think it was smart to cut it out. Now with all the f***in' press, it seems like a marketing ploy because (people) will go to see what they're not going to see."