Winter's Tale is certainly not a movie that claims to be based on a true story but it certainly does profess to be a tale of true love. With a stellar cast, the marvels of New York City, a love story for all ages and a sprinkling of magic, the stage is set for this new Akiva Goldsman movie to be one of next year's cinematic highlights.

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'Winter's Tale': This Romantic Fantasy Tale Will Be Released Just After Valentines Day 2014.

Colin Farrell plays Peter Lake, a burglar who lives and robs in early 20th century New York City. He is wanted by his former gangster boss, Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe), to repay a debt. Peter breaks into a mansion one day only to find a beautiful girl sat at her piano who is strangely not startled by his arrival.

Winter's Tale
Colin Farrell Plays Peter Lake, A Wanted Burglar, Who Falls In Love.

She is Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay), a wealthy heiress whose damning secret is that she's dying of tuberculosis. Nevertheless, she and Peter fall in love and await the tragic inevitable. To add another problem to the mix, Soames is still on Peter's tail but during one murder attempt Peter is mysteriously saved by being transported to modern day New York without having aged a day.

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He meets Virginia (Jennifer Connelly) who helps Peter piece together his past, the strange events that brought him through time, and track down the one person he still remembers: his love, Beverly.

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Jessica Brown Findlay Plays Peter Lake's Lover, Beverly, Who Has A Terrible Affliction.

Though the movie is not to be confused with Shakespeare's play of the same name, it is based on the novel by Mark Helprin and adapted by writer and director Akiva Goldsman ('I Am Legend'). One for the fans of such romantic fantasies as Stardust, this tale of everlasting, transcendental love is sure to charm and enthral, especially as the film's release coincides with the most romantic time of the year, Valentine's Day.

Winter's Tale will be released in the USA on the 14th February and in UK cinemas on February 21st 2014.

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A Love Story Turns Into A Time Travelling Fantasy As Peter Sets Out To Find Beverly In Modern Day Manhattan.

Winter's Tale Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe Plays Antagonist Pearly Soames Who Is On The Hunt For Peter.