Actor Colin Firth and his wife often make their children wear 'hand-me-down' clothes. The Academy Award winning actor and Livia Giuggioli, his wife, are more in favour of mending old and worn down clothes for their children. 11-year-old Luca and 9-year-old Matteo are supposedly happy to wear mended clothes and garments formerly belonging to their friends.

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Giuggioli owns her own ethical clothing collection, and explains the choice of clothing regarding her children's clothing, by saying: ''With my kids' clothes, we do a lot of hand-me-downs with friends. I mend. I know it's easier to throw away a sock with a hole and buy a new one than mend it, but I don't do that.''

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43-year-old Giuggioli also works as a film producer and has revealed that she, her 52-year-old husband and both children try to enjoy a ''pyjama weekend'' every now and again. On the occasions, Luca and Matteo watch their mother sew clothes together during the time off. Giuggioli often recycles clothes and uses second-hand material to make things like cushions, and spoke to The Sun, saying: ''The children aren't allowed to do any clubs. We don't do anything. We don't go away. The kids need to rest!''

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Colin Firth has been seen wearing environmentally-friendly suits from time to time and the couple often do their best to keep up a 'green' lifestyle, with Giuggioli woking as an Oxfam ambassador and campaigning for green charities.